LITE-ON SHM-165H6S DVDRW16x refuses to eject!

Title says it all.

When there’s a disc in the drive, it ejects easily.

When empty, however, pressing the button results in a “clunk” noise - no ejection. Pressing eject again produces a “clunk” as well as a noise which sounds like a CD spinning. It will then cycle all over again, sounding like it’s attempting to eject the tray. I usually end up inserting a paper clip into the manual eject hole if I accidentily close the drive without media in it.

My drive is past Newegg’s 1 yr. warranty. I’ve tried flashing to the newest firmware, made no difference. It’s not that big of a nuisance, but can get annoying at times. I should also note that I’ve never had any reading/writing problems with the drive - it’s been nothing short of exceptional. It started malfunctioning a week past my Newegg warranty expiring (d’oh), and the drive was purchased OEM. Prior to this, it worked perfectly fine. Also, right clicking on the drive in Explorer and clicking “Eject” produces the same results, except the drive is more persistent in its spinning and clunking. :rolleyes:

How might I rectify this problem? Suggestions, comments, your thoughts = appreciated. Thanks in advance for any insight you guys might have… :iagree:


I have a plextor 750A with the same problem.
Most of the time the drive doesn’t eject, so i use the clip lol.
I noticed that if i take out the front the drive opens by itself…

I have a 165p with the same problem. Just turn off autoplay and leave a disc in the drive. There was another post about this a few weeks ago but I don’t think there was any solution posted. That guys drive was a 160 so maybe this is only a problem with these models. Doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem so finding a fix might not be in the cards. I really like the drive. It doesn’t burn anything great but it burns everything useable. If you do come up with something, post back. I know of two guys that would be grateful.

My 165H6S has the same problem, due to being in an HP with the door flaps. I believe someone said that the belt is slipping hence the problem. I don’t think it’s worth taking apart the drive unless it gets bad personally. My original drive with that comp had the same problem as well.

I have the same drive and it started doing the same thing a few weeks ago.

Have had the drive for almost two years now and have burned 1,000 plus discs on it.

As of the last day or two it will not burn DVD’s and will run at 1x speed while trying to burn.

I just burned and audio CD had about 40 mins of music on it and it took ten mins.

I have a SHM-165H6S that does the same thing. I’ve had it for probably 2 years or so and this just started a month ago.

I have another lite-on drive that is on a computer upstairs. Same problem, started around the same time. It’s only about 6 months old.

I think it’s too much of a coincidence to be hardware related. I mean so many people experienced this problem so recently, and the drives eject fine if there is media already inside.

My oldest lite-on (SOHW-1633S) doesn’t have this problem.
It is using a hacked firmware and burns a lot of DVD coasters tho =/

Well… I have a LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-5236K and a LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1H that were BOTH doing the no-eject thing. I was using the paperclip deal for a while (both drives burn perfectly, just are pissy about ejecting). Finally, I had enough… I opened the combo drive first and located the eject mechanism… there was indeed a small rubberband looking drive under the tray. I replaced the belt with a rubberband of approximatly the same size… and it WORKED! The drive ejected perfectly as it did when new. With that success under my belt, I shed a tear and cracked the DVDRW drive… it was almost identical internally so I just replaced the belt with another rubberband. Guess what? It works perfectly now. It took about 5 minutes, most of that figuring how to open the drive without breaking anything. I know a rubberband isnt a “proper” replacement, but it works… and if it starts doing it again I can afford another rubberband :slight_smile:

If your drive is past warranty and the only prob is not ejecting, this fix may help. No guarantees, but I have 2 working drives now.

Hope this helps.

Nice work dragon. My lite-on is having the same prob now. Sounds like this is pretty prevalent in this series.

My drive works perfectly when burning so I am going to give this a go. BUT only after my Optiarc 7200 comes in the mail. It will be nice to keep the lite-on for performance scanning and disc-disc writing.

I will post back with my (hopefully positive) results.

Using a rubber band is a temporary fix, at best! Replace the square belt from the motor to the tray mechanism pulley, and it will last a couple of more years. most electronic supply houses carry them. Even Radio Shack carries some of them! They are only about a dollar. Taking the drive apart is easy. Might take you all of 15 minutes. If it takes longer than that you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place! LOL!!