Lite On SHM-165H6S - can't read DVDs

Hi guys, I’m new here and I hope i will find the help needed.
I’ve got this drive for about 8 months, but i have writted/read no more than 50 CD/DVDs with it. It was working properly, but 3 days ago I formated my hard disk and installed Windows XP Pro SP2 again and since then my 165H6S doesn’t want to read DVD media. IT reads and writes ordinary CDs perfectly. I tested the CD read speed - it goes up to 48x. So nothing wrong here. But when I insert a DVD disc in it it says that there is no disc in the drive, or that the disc is empty (but it isn’t, it is full of information). IT reads DVD-RWs, erases them and writes them again, but it has problems with ordinary DVDs. The discs are clean, with no scratches on them. I downloaded the latest firmware from the Lite On site, i think it was H0S-E or something like that (it upgraded my firmware from some H0S-D to E), but this didn’t help.

So guys, any ideas how can i fix that problem :frowning: cause i’m desperate

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Do you have this problem only with burned DVDs (except for rewritable media, because as you said the drive is still able to read/write these discs) or also with pressed DVDs?

I tried to put an empty DVD disc in the drive - it said it is empty, as it should. Then i managed to write it, but when i take it out of the drive, and put it again in it, the drive can’t read it. I Use Nero with default options, i just change the write speed to 6x.

This issue can be caused by a low-ugly quality disc. What discs are you using exactly?

Is the drive able to read pressed discs?

the DVD-RW is Verbatim and the other DVDs are Maxell. The ordinary CDs are princo and verbatim, with many scratches on and there is no problem with them. Pressed discs - what does this mean ;(

Store-bought DVDs, such as DVD movies, are pressed DVDs. :wink:

Pressed discs are commercial discs like, for example, an original DVD movie.

If you have problems only with burned discs, then almost certainly the issue is a low quality or a bad burned disc.

There are two tests you can do:

[li] Try to read these discs with a different drive (ask to a friend if you have only that drive): if discs can be read, then recover all data as soon as possible and burn again these discs on quality media like Taiyo Yuden.
[/li][li] Try to install your drive on a different computer: if in the other computer the drive is able to read these discs, then there is something wrong in your computer.

Oh i see. My friends are awayfor the holiday, but as soon as they come back i will make some tests. as far as pressed media is concerned - i don’t have any at the moment, but tomorrow i will take some from my aunt. thanks for the help. then i will write again!!

thanks for the help.
Good night !