Lite-On SHC-52S7K SATA

I recently bought a Lite-On SHC-52S7K SATA DVD-ROM CD-R/RW drive. I was quite excited to install this as my main DVD reader in my sytem. The problem is while it’s very fast reading & writing CDs, it reads DVDs at 6x. The specs on Newegg lists the DVD read speed as 16x. WTF? :confused: Anyone else have any experiences with this drive? It’s not even listed on Lite-On’s website.

Wow, SATA drives? For real?? It’s been over two years since they were sending out demo units. Okay, time for me to go check Newegg.

Oh right, and to answer your question: 16x is achieved only for good single-layer DVD-ROMs when reading data at the outer edges of the disc. Damaged discs, dual-layer discs, recordable media, and data located near the inner ring of the disc will read slower.

n.b.: If you could dump the firmware (not sure how well that’d work over SATA, but it won’t hurt to try), there may be a way to patch it to remove some of the speed restrictions (like dual-layer and recordable media speed restrictions). I wouldn’t know how, but I’m sure there are people around here who do. :wink:

I know but it starts at 3X and gets up to a whopping 6X. My other drives achieve 12x max.

Is it recordable media? Is it dual-layer media? Can you check the drive’s burst rate in Nero CD-DVD Speed?

Firmware dumping on a SATA 165S6S DVD writer works fine with C0deKing’s Flash Utility, so give it a try.

Nero CD Speed Test. I used a data DVD created by CD Speed. I guess it actually got up to 8X.

1/ That’s a sweet burst rate. So everything is fine there.

2/ 8x max is the typical speed limit set for reading from recordable/rewritable media. If you had used a pressed single-layer DVD-ROM, you could get 16x.

3/ You might be able to fool the drive into thinking that it’s a pressed DVD-ROM (and thus giving you the full 16x) by using bitsetting, but this would work only for +R media, of course. Or you could dump the firmware and get it patched.


Ah, didn’t notice the 165S6S thread. How did you manage to get a 165S6S? I can’t seem to find them for sale.

That was quite easy. I found one being just delivered at the entrence desk in the office when getting coffee :).

i was looking at buying this SHC-52S7K drive also, i wanted to know if its a full 2sheep burner? any ideas?

dose anyone know where I could get firmware for this as I too have this drive but mine came with no disk and I look on Google to see if there was any thing, and there was nothing