Lite-On, Sanyo, TDK 24X burners?

I see that not only does Lite-On have a 24X out, but also Sanyo and TDK. The TDK is the most expensive, but still way cheaper than the Plextor. Has anyone heard/read anything good/bad about these 3 economy brands? I can’t find a thing. There is a good discussion on the Lite-On vs the Plextor going on in the Dutch forum, but I can’t read Dutch.


Here is the link for a review of the new Lite-On 24x (IT DOES COPY SD2!)

Also, at this same site are very detailed reviews of the Sanyo, TDK, and Plextor 24X’s

Sanyo and Plextor won’t do SD2.

Will finding this qualify me for the $40 - why reinvent the wheel if someone else has done it already. All I did was find it.

Thanks, Smolensk

Originally posted by smolensk
Sanyo and Plextor won’t do SD2.
Ehh, the Plextor PX-W2410A will do SD2 :smiley: