Lite-On reliable or not?!?!

Im looking to buy a 32x or so burner and probably a liteon. However, a lot of people have said they have errors when usin it now…so is it reliable or not…should I get the 32x liteon for 50 somethin dollars or wait?..thx for helping.

should I wait for the F1 to come out…will that lower the prices of the others alot?

or a Teac 40x ? I also heard that some have broken easily…

sorry if it has been asked, need the most current opinion.


Yamaha’s latest offering looks impressive.

LiteOn drives are as reliable as anything else out there. But get a 40x drive instead of the 32, they have better performance in several of the reading/ripping areas thanthe 32x. I have burned a couple hundred CD’s with mine , no coasters.

never had a true coster with my

24102b or 40125s

and have burnt over 1000 cds :slight_smile:

When using ok or good quality media I have never had any serious problems with my Lite-On’s either.

We use many of them at work and not a single one have failed yet.