Lite-On releases SMART-BURN utility for 48x drive

I just posted the article Lite-On releases SMART-BURN utility for 48x drive.

Jasper used our newssubmit to tell us that Lite-On has released a 48x version of their utility to check the SMART-BURN setting of media. If you have a Lite-On drive, just fire up this software and…

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It rulez!

Is it just me or is Plextor REALLY falling behind on CDRWs? They don’t even have a drive that supports Mt. Rainier yet… AFAIK. :

Like other companies, I’m sure Plextor is waiting for some OS support first.

Plextor is allmost every time late with new devices. Tehy just test longer and make them better and off course stable. :4

Can’t say that Plextor is better or more stable than Lite-On in any way…

Plextor is overpriced. Do they even make an audio cd that sounds better than one created by Liteon?