Lite-On releases SMART-BURN Media Check Program v3.1.5

I just posted the article Lite-On releases SMART-BURN Media Check Program v3.1.5.

Via I spotted that
Lite-On has released a new version of their SMART-BURN Media Check Program.
With this utility you can identify the manufacturer of your CD-R(W) and…

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Grazie ! :g

I figured the update would be match more media… :d

Unfortunately, the last version to “grade” the media was way back to v3.1.1. Versions 3.1.3 and 3.1.5 no longer associate “grades” with the media :(. I thought that was a nice touch, as it gives the user an idea about what kind of quality they can expect from whatever media is detected.

…and it didn’t hold water :B

The letter grade that used to be displayed wasn’t really a measurement of disc quality, but of write strategy if I remember correctly. It was probably removed to avoid this confusion.