Lite-On releases new firmwares for SOHW-1633S/1653S

I just posted the article Lite-On releases new firmwares for SOHW-1633S/1653S.

Via our Lite-On Forum techman lets us know that today Lite-On IT has released a couple of new firmware versions. As always, the change log tells us that these new versions "match…

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I’d be suspicious of any firmware that has ‘BS’ in its name :B

Match More Media is not accurate. It seems like the BS0S/CS09 are both bugfix firmwares.

Yup! BS0S don’t add 4x recording for DL Media, still 2.4x! Ho Hum!

BS stands for Bad Strategy, it means that upon installation you will get crappy burns, higher KPROBES and possibly some hemroids :smiley:

can i update my Sony 710A whit this firmware?

Like all other 4x DL burners, 4x is available only for MKM001, which CS09 does support. BS0S is not supposed to support 4x DL (that’s only for the BS4x firmwares for the USA market).

I agree with code65536 - the mediacode number is the SAME! … but I noticed some strategies have changed - i was able to overspeed RICOHJPNR02 to 16x using MCC004 (with poor results) but after upgrading to CS09 = the results are disasterous - the spike had moved in position on the scan - that can mean only one thing - a change of strategy!