Lite-On releases new firmware versions for several drives

I just posted the article Lite-On releases new firmware versions for several drives.

BoSkin used our news submit
to tell us that Lite-On has again released new firmware versions for several drives. As always, Lite-On’s creative team has put together an…

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You forgot the R40WS0B (LTR-40125W)!

Yes you’re right, we missed that one. It has been added now, thanks DiggnSaeg!

Why not the LTR-48246S If you look at the liteon page they always have a new firmware, on the same day the 52246s has a new firmware :frowning:

Does anyone know why Liteon focus the update of firmware on 48125W on the contrary to 48125S which has not been changed for a long time ?

Perhaps the 48125S needs no update. It’s only a “match more media” update. I have not had any issues with mine yet

In every update Liteon add support for backuping music protections…so these updates aren’t so useless. I don’t understand why they don’t release a new firmware for 48125S.

i wish they would update the firmware for the 241012b writer, havent had an update for about 6 months, they only do the 32X + now !:frowning: