Lite-On releases new firmware versions and bitsetting utility

I just posted the article Lite-On releases new firmware versions and bitsetting utility.

Thunderace1k and CyberDog both reported to us that Lite-On has today released new firmware versions for the following drives: LDW-811S, LDW-411S(X) and SOHC-5232K(X) (the X…

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GREAT ! Too bad I don’t have a lite-On Burner ! DaRn these plextor people, they better get their act together and listen to there customers !!! We want BitSetting ! We Want 8X -R Burning & We want World Peace !.. But will settle for the first two demands :d

Well alot of us LiteOn users got together and bombarded them with forum posts, emails to support and top brass about adding this utility to increase the likelyhood that the DVD+R/RW can be played in older DVD players… I guess it was overwhelming so they complied… :X

Well then, that’s what Plextor owner should do !!! Pull your keyboards out and lets do it !!! Lets let Plextor that we’re not happy with the limited “firmware” support that we’ve received and that we want, NO demmand Bitsetting & 8X -R support on our hundred dollar burners. Or we can buy ourselves nice lite-ons for half the price and use our plextors as nice paper weights. !:+

Will this tool also work with the Lite-on LDW - 851S?

Now the only thing lite on has to do is add 8X speed support as did sony