Lite-on -R recording solution

Hello dear friends!

sorry for my bad English first.
I have a Lite-on SOHW 812s device. I tried to record DVD-R several times on different media and have failed. But i recorded DVD-RW (Digitex) without problem.
I using Nero 6.1.x.x.
But i saw interesting options in nero:
go to menu: Recorder->Choose Recorder,
then click to Options button:
and then u will see three different options. one of them is a Buffer Underun Protection Enabled, it must be checked (choosen).
Two Another are options for DVD quality recording and Media detect.
Uncheck (off) this options and u will see that all Medias will be writing without errors.

smart burn checks DVD disk quality during the burn and DVD high compatibility mode?
The buffer under run or burn proof can not be disabled it seems.