Lite-On product roadmap - more faster drives, new techologies

I just posted the article Lite-On product roadmap - more faster drives, new techologies.

One of the most populair brands at this moment is Lite-On, besides they are know for their low price and good backup performances, they now also gain populairity because the drives can be upgraded…

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I really like the idea of larger cache. Just link is great stuff but the less u need to use it the better!!

I can confirm the “W” designation. Just bought a LiteOn 40x12x48 last night from a fresh batch of stock. :9 (Clone-CD) Info on CDWriter: Manufacturer: LITE-ON Product: LTR-40125W Revision: VWS03 The free firmware updates sound good. Cheers.

love lite-on

LTR-48246 --> this one seems to have 24x rewrite capability? i wonder when that one is coming :slight_smile:

Plextor will be dead after this!! :wink: