Lite-on problems

everytime i use this burner my internet connection is unusable as i get errors with everything i try and load up in internet explorer or cant use msn etc. and in nero disk at once produces errors all the time?
anyone know how to fix this or is it just my burner?

it is a liteon 40125s

-install the latest drivers for your motherboard
-try aspi drivers (but i don’t think will solve it)

else install windows again

(what speed do you burn?? high speeds will demand more of your system i guess)

it does not seem to matter what speed i burn at. tried 40x, 32x and even down to 16x. no diference whatsoever. already got the latest aspi drivers but i will try the new mainboard drivers.
thanks for your input.

i also seem to be getting a lot of data cyclic redudancy errors or something like that. please someone help because i cant keep throwing away coasters at this rate.