Lite-On Problem

Hello to all.
I have a problem I hope someone can help me with.

I am running Win XP on a ASUS CUSL2 Intel 815E Chipset with a P3 733 with 512 mb.

I downloaded a firmware upgrade for my Lite-On 32123S CD-RW.

It has caused my computer to crash over and over again, the only way I can use my computer now is to disconnect the drive.

i went and purchased another CD-RW thinking i had fried the Lite-on, but same problems.

Can anyone help me? Did I do something to my motherboard?
Any help that anyone can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

that happened to me when i used the windows firmware upgrade program to update my liteon - it corrupted the firmware on the liteon- i had to RMA mine,:frowning: :frowning:

I Use mtkflash to upgrade my liteons anymore

hope this helps

Try uninstalling whatever packet writing program you have, see if that helps. (InCD or DirectCD)

Could you explain what a packet writing program is and how i would go about finding it in XP?
I know, I know Lt. Major Newbie question eh?

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InCd or DirectCD are the most common. What software do you have installed for burning?

Right now nothing.
I am using Windows Media Player.
Was using ver 8 recently upgraded to ver 9

recently upgraded to ver 9

Was this about the time that the crashes started?[

Are you 100% sure you installed the right firmware for the right drive? A BCE4012F is NOT the same as a BCE4012E (not actual models; just examples). If it is the correct version, try moving the drive to a different computer. If this doesn’t work, your firmware may be corrupt from an incomplete or damaged download (yes, it’s possible). Hope this helps!


Sounds to me like a bad flash when the computer posts does the Ltr’s led stay on without blinking???

The upgrade to Windows media player was actually awhile ago.
The problems started once i put the firmware upgrade on.
:frowning: I will have to reconnect the drive to determine what lights do come on (if any).

Would installing the firmware upgrade cause other problems in my computer?

Thanks all, if you have not figured out yet, i am a computer neophyte… I know your first thought is why the hell are you playing around with a firmware upgrade?

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: