Lite on Problem

If this is the wrong forum, im sorry.
Recently I’ve had to do a fresh install of windows on my computer. Ive been getting everything back in order (getting updates [SP2], etc). And today it has come to my attention, that my combo drive (Lite On SOHW 1693S) is not being recognized by windows. It has power so thats not a probelm. Since then, I have taken the drive out and put in my old lite on CD burner in, to see if it would recognize that, and nada (Didnt recognize new hardware, as its supposed to). Ive tried to get the drivers for it, but since windows isnt recognizing it, I cant just install them . Ive tried eveything I could think of alas, nothing.
Can anyone please help me?

Also, recently I discovered that i can no longer use ctrl+f in internet explorer. It says theres an error with mshtml.dll. Anyone know how to fix that?

And sorry about posting this thread twice, I didnt post the other in the right section :stuck_out_tongue:

Defective IDE kabel?

i got it, i had to uninstall the seconday IDE channel, so windows would reinstall it, and recognize the drive :slight_smile: