Lite On packaging question

Does Lite On put different models of CDRWs or DVD-ROMs in the same package ?

Lets make it simple. Lets say one bought a 48X CDRW in Feb. this year and he got a LTR 48125W and another bought the same model in October but got a LTR 48126S or LTR 48246S. Is it possible?

Because I’m staying in Malaysia, and LTR 52246S is still not available here, will I get a LTR 48126S or a LTR 48246S I plan to purchase a 48X drive now ?

I know I can check it out but opening the package and see the model number but can anyone please verify this statement ?

Well if you get either a 48126S or 48246S they’re the same drive but with different firmware. Either could be flashed to 522452, if desired. However, if on the other hand you end up with a 48125W, that’s it as far as overclocking goes. What I’d recommend is if you’re going for a new 48x burner, make sure you order a 48246S. That way there should be no chance of getting a 48125W, as that one does not support 24x RW.