Lite-on or Tosh dvd for reading

Can anyone point me in the right direction of posts about both 16xspd Lite-on and Tosh dvd’s to use as a reader.I am looking for one that can read both audio and game protections and is either or can be made region free.IF either can read Dvd-r that would be a bonus


Let’s sum it up:


+Fast at data
+Fast at music
+Fast at other mode 2 discs.
+Fast at reading subchannel data
+Good at reading bad/scratched discs.
+easily made regionfree

-a bit noisy
-can’t read protected audio disc


+recommended for CloneCD
+fast at data
+read subchannel data
+Detects most audio discs but may have problem reading them.

-Slow at reading music
-slow at reading other mode 2 discs
-May report bad sectors where there is no bad sectors!!! This is a very serious issue and Olli, the CloneCD author have reduced the readspeed as a default setting for these drives to prevent this to happen.
-Also a bit noisy
-Regionfree with patched firmware only (illegal to link to such firmwares at this forum!!!).

For DVD-R reading I do not know :confused:

Thanks OC-Freak for the fast reply,I think that about sums it up.IT looks like it is going to be a Lite-on 1-2 (dvd+cd-rw).Can the newer versions of Lite cd-rw 40+48spd read audion protection?

I have a tosh m1612, I have no problems with badsectors when reading. Even at high speeds i have no problems with errors etc. I tried this in clone-cd for data and in feurio for audio.

My tosh has no problems with audio either. As said before i did a full test with feurio and the drive seems to be good. Even read the key2audio cd that i have.
(EAC doesn’t complain also)

According the specs the Toshiba can do dvd-r etc.

No Lite-On drtives is good for audio…

Only protection I’ve been able to backup is Key2Audio version 3.

Concerning DVD-R:

Toshiba 1502:
DVD-R: 2x CLV (can read crap media)
DVD-RW: 6.6x-15x CAV (can’t read crap media; use Verbatim for goog results)
DVD+RW: can’t recognise disc
Toshiba 1612:
DVD-R / DVD-RW: 2x-5x CAV (don’t know if it reads crap media)
DVD+RW: can’t recognise disc

DVD-R: speed ?, can’t read some crap media
DVD+/-RW: ?

With these read-errors with Toshiba dvd-roms: Do not read CDs that contain amplified weak sectors.