Lite on or sony

hi everyone…
am in gr8 dilemma between lite on and sony…its 1 month since am thinkin which one to buy…
i hav following choice…liteon shw 1635s n 160p6s n sony q30a n dru810a…plz help me out … :o
will use it basically for burning data disc on dvd rw…

I have two LiteOn 1635S’s…haven’t used them much, but some folk have said how good they are.

Not too sure about the others…possibly one of the Sonys (or both?) is a rebadged Litey anyway?

the liteon 1635s and the sony q30a are the same drives. the sony 810a is a rebadged benq dw1640, i have this one and it’s a great drive.
if you want a liteon, then get the 160p6s.

new sony drives from 810-820+ are now benq rebadges

thanx a lot…i hav now limited to liteon 160p6s n sony dru 810a…also i heard a lot about lite on super all write SHM-165P6S…can i consider this if limited resource…thanks again for solving my problem :slight_smile:

The 165P6S has DVD-RAM capabilities. If the price difference is negligible, then get the 165P6S, likewise for the 165H6S, which adds LightScribe.