Lite-On or Plextor - Best for Safedisc?

I need a new CDRW to replace my old Yahamah 6x4x14, I’m trying to decide between the…

Lite-On LTR-40125S 40/12/48 CD-RW

and the

Plextor PlexWriter PX-4012TA 40/12/40 CD-RW

At the moment I’m heading towards Liteon, but would like to know more about there copy protection capabilities, am I right in saying that they are both able to backup safedisc 2? & what about newer protections such as 2.5 and now maybe 3.0?

Liteon or Plextor? for copy protections? Is one able to backup a newer Safedisc version than the other or are they both neck and neck?

Would be grateful for any knowledge/advice you could give

Thanks in advance


Knowledge : The Lite On according to my knowledge

Advice : the search button

Lite-On can backup SD 2 version 2.51.021 without Amplify weak sectors. Plextor needs amplify weak sectors to be enabled to do the same.

Amplify weak sectors is a cloneCD feature btw.

In the future? Well who knows? But I think that you may be safer with a Lite-On when it comes to data protections…but who actually knows something about the future? (Macrovision, let me take a peek in your books and future plans!!).

btw, plextor is still better at reading protected audio, for writing they should both do the job.

Lite-On will also allow writing at 32X and 40X to more media than the plextor( plextor only supports 2-3 different 40X certified disc types at 40X), if this is a good thing/important to you? I don’t know…

I’m doing a Lite-On LTR-40125S review now(actually I’ve just started so it will take some weeks before it’s finished). But I promise - the review will tell a lot about how the drive actually is and performs…