Lite-On or NEC ~ dual-layer issues, too

I’m trying to decide between getting a Lite-On 812s or the NEC 2500A. I noticed that both drives can be firmware-hacked into dual-layer, but I saw the NEC article mentioning that the lasers need to be properly positioned or else it may not work. Is this true?

I can get a dual-layer for about $20 more, so it’s worth the money, rather than hacking the drive and getting sub-par performance on dual-layer. Or do you really get full performance?

I have about 40 discs of what I consider to be crap-media. Meaning, I have DVD reader’s that can barely read it and can’t read them at all. But my friend’s reader can read it. So I’d still want one to be able to read the crappy media I have (BGM). I heard the NEC can handle bad media well, but I’ll be burning with decent to good media, and only reading this bad media.

So which, Lite-On or NEC, do you think is best? I’m not going to go all extreme on this drive, I just need something to read and burn data-discs (or disc filled with AVI files) reliably.


Personally, I would spend the extra $20 - and get hardware you are sure of. My pick is the NEC ND-2510A or the new LG 12x drive.

Why do I say not bother hacking?

i) Goodbye warranty if you hack the drive!

ii) There is more to d/l calibration and the 812S@832S than people seem to realise

iii) Support the companies!

Go spend the extra $20. It’s the ‘safer’ option. :iagree:

Part of my thinking is also, will dual-layer be of any use to me in the future? If they’re going to release a newer dual-layer format that is better and becomes more popular, this will be pretty useless.

Does NEC have something to test how good a burned disc is? Maybe give me a heads-up on the utilities available to NEC and Lite-On users.

I agree with you that a firmware hack isn’t going to give full functionality - there are probably hardware limitations somewhere, otherwise the company would just say, oh pay $20 and get this special firmware patch. :slight_smile:

Well, as is convention on CDFreaks, they use Kprobe (a tool for measuring Parity correction indicies) to gauge the quality of the burn. They couple this with CDSpeed scans, to see how the media performs in readback tests. There are other methods, used in the industry, such as CATS to test disc quality, however…this kind of testing is rarely talked about here, and is out of the realm of common people because of the cost.

Generally speaking, its my opinion that the NEC hardware is superior to that of the SOHW LiteOn hardware. This however, is very subjective, and there may be others that will argue for and against.

As for dual layer hack functionality, well, it will work if you hack your hardware, its been proven time and time again. This does not however mean, you will get a perfect DL burn, in line with that of a REAL SOHW-832S, or REAL NEC-ND-2510 - HOWEVER, due to factors beyond my control, I am not permitted to talk about the nature of these differences, in this forum. Besides, its kind of a moot point. Just get a real DL drive. :slight_smile:

i have the same doubt: nec 2510 or liteon 832. nec has very great burn quality but it has not bitsetting capabilities, 832 can bitset, great fw support, many utilities/tools and maybe VS04 fw solved the quality issue

I like the NEC more for all around write quality to a wider range of media with a varying degree of quality. I like the LiteOn hardware better as a ripper. Also, to the LiteOn’s credit, it is a little faster to burn a full 4.7GB DVD @ 8x.

IMHO, if you need DL, just go for a REAL DL burner, i.e. LiteOn SOHW-832S or NEC ND-2510A or the new LG 12x drive. :cool: Hacking the hardware, in any circumstances, is just like gambling. WIN or LOSS, and no more. $1x for $6x? Not worth it!

I’m just a DVD writer rookie user, but as part of my little experience, NEC’s drives are excellent. :iagree: I can see many guys here cheering for NEC’s drives. But I just don’t know why here in HK, nearly no one would appreciate NEC’s drives in forums. :confused: Is HK’s NECs worse than those supplied in other countries? :confused: At least mine isn’t…
I wanna see if any one here has bad exp. with NEC’s DVD writers.

Hmm, see I don’t actually need dual-layer right now. I just want to be able to have that feature just in case it becomes cheaper and more popular in the future. I don’t want to have to buy another drive.

Speed is not a super concern right now, since my hard drive probably can’t handle the maximum transfer speed anyway.

What happens if NEC firmware flashing fails? I read somewhere someone couldn’t flash anymore. Lite-On I heard is easy to restore and fix the flashing. I don’t want to end up with a drive that no one wants to update (ND-2510A). :slight_smile:

I’ve heard this LG drive - what is it? I don’t even know what company produces it.

And about bitsetting - would I really need that if I’m not going to do any movies to play on a set-top DVD player?

Hmm, no one seems to want to reply. >_<

Anyway, I saw some threads in the NEC forum and someone mentioned NEC is not a good reader - and in this thread I read that NEC can handle bad media better. I just need it to be able to read the crappy media I have right now; I will be burning on decent media.

So right now it looks like I’m leaning towards 2510A…unless there are more comments.

I have just sent back a sohw32s because of extremely poor write quality, maybe the drive is a duffer, im not sure

but i dont care

going to buy an NEC 2510a tomorrow - when i have posted about poor writing with the liteon a lot of people agree its picky with what disks it likes writing to

dont know about you but i cant be arsed with buying 10 different types of blanks to find which one a drive likes.