Lite-ON or ASUS?

I’m looking for a new CD-RW writer and a new DVD-ROM… Should I go with the Lite-ON LTR-48125W and Lite-ON LTD163D or with the ASUS CRW-4816A and ASUS DVD-E616?


Forget-it! I just found the sticky tread…

Sticky:What burner should I buy?

Doesn’t really matter, just make sure that your Writer is a Two-Sheep burner under the “Correct EFM Encoding.” Liteon and Asus are good for that, as well as a few Sony models and some LG, and some other ones, but hey, who wants to go and find them all, right?

I have liteon 48125w liteon 163 reader and asus 3212a sony crx185 ( badged litey 32x ) for safedisc copies I can find no real
winner over any of these. however daft as it sounds I seem to favour my litey despite the facts I understand They are not hot on cutting audio protections and reading some securom sub channel data . ( hence the 163 reader!!!)

Go for Liteon ! They have the best drive mechanism in the world !

Get The 40125W and overclock it !

Go for the 52/24/52 from Lite-On and the LTD-166S (also from Lite-On), a perfect combination!

I would recommend Lite-On, also. I have a LTD-163 and a LTR-48125W. They work great. If you’re interested in how these or many other drives perform, goto

I was looking at the ASUS but for the money I got the better performer.