Lite-On Newbie 1653-CSOM with questions. Help?



Lite-on newbie here,
I’ve been using a (several) BenQ 1620, but I got the Lite-on 1653, CSOM for my silent PC project (to replace the BenQ that was in there ;)).

  1. Very short drive actually fits tiny case
  2. When the Lite-on doesn’t have a disc, it’s ice cold (no 30+wattvalue idle heat output like the BenQ).

I got many bonus surprises, but, mainly, it’s everything I liked about the Sony products without the headache. Next, the quality meets/surpasses my BenQ’s. And add ATA66 that does not activate the VIAbug or Nvidia headache. (Plugged it in with BenQ’s retail high quality data cables). It also provided a zero-trouble smooth/refined experience–my very first experience like that in DVD-writer land.

But the 1653 CSOM has very slow DVD+R stock speeds.
I hesitate to change it because of the high quality performance.

I backed it up with the EEprom utility.

Does this mean that I can play around with CSOP and the 12x read speed, but [if I change my mind] change it back to the really wonderful condition it is in now??

How to read the list of non-working Omnipatcher recommended updates and convert the information for use with MediaCodeSpeedEdit? Since MCSE overwrites, the information would have to be in some sort of LOGIC order that it doesn’t overwrite a strategy that is needed in order to overwrite a stragegy. I’ll bet I could do that if I could make sense of that list (very same list that no longer works with Omnipatcher because of CSOP). My goal is to activate 12x read and 12x write with appropriate strategies for as many disc types as possible using MCSE.


Also, BACKUP your firmware, so you have a TRUE PONIT ZERO to return to incase of :a after upgarding to CSOP.


Hack away!!!

To backup firmware without MTKFlash go here and get LTNFlash (PREFERRED LITE-ON FLASHER) from Tools section of my homepage. There are also instructions on how to use LTNFlash.

Enjoy your Litey!!!


Oh, thank you! I was not going to flash it until I had CSOM downloaded and backed up to CD.

This Lite-On makes me laugh with CD use.
It (and the cat) seem to have a psychotic anxiety attack every time I insert a data CD or CD blank.
So quiet, then “BOOP” like an early 1980’s computer noise and:
“zoop! zoom! Wham!! grrowl! zo00om!” Oh, and that’s not even the half of it. Next, there’s a full sized Boing 747 trapped inside the computer, yet desperately trying to lift off.
About a minute of Boing 747 noise (at point-blank-range), with a strong breeze flying out of every conceivable crevice in the computer and knocking papers off the desk, and the CD is completely done.
And an idle afterwards that sounds like: “click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click” so that I either remove the CD or lose my mind.
DVD use and idle are whisper quiet.

I’ve been making CDs and backups that I really have no possible use for–just to experience the Lite-On CD recording attack, and stump that blue bar that says: “Please wait. ? ? [Never mind, it was already done].”

Maybe Lite-On makes them this way on purpose? Because with that much racket and the strong breeze, you know for certain that something is going fast. Does your Lite-On do semipsychotic CD Attack?

I’m fairly sure that my Lite-On is not quite normal. But, I really like it this way as it is very entertaining and does an excellent job on every media (Scans great, Passes CRC32 file integrity checker). Except for a single spike at some changeover point (and frequent CD “attack mode” noises), this Lite-on performs quite a bit better than my BenQ’s.

Thanks for your help in providing me backup utilities so that I can experiment, yet return it to its current state if I change my mind.

What is your favorite firmware for this series?


danielwritesback, sorry but I have to stop myself from crying with laughter, at your PERFECT description of a Litey!! I just got a BenQ 1620 1 week ago, and since I have used Liteys for 3 years now, when I first used the 1620 I had to make sure it was working, due to the fact of LITTLE/NO noise from the 1620.

Does your Lite-On do semipsychotic CD Attack?

Withthe “Woodpecker” noise, I get that on DVD-Rs, I’ve just burnt in my 1673S and then read in the 1673S.

As for the TURBINE FANS :stuck_out_tongue: ,(I’m sure that they’re there) are stock standard with newer Liteys and it makes me also wonder if my PC is about to embark on an Interstellar journey at Warp 9!!!

this Lite-on performs quite a bit better than my BenQ’s.

If you mean in respect to CD burning (Both quality and speed), then YES Lite-Ons are FAR, FAR superior than BenQs. I can backup SafeDisc v4.00.001 (The Sims2) with my 1673S/1693S

What is your favorite firmware for this series?

I don’t have the 1653S, but it depends on what you want to do. At the moment, if you really want to play around and stategy swap, CS0P can’t use stategy swap at the moment. So CS0M would be the better option.