Lite-On Media-tek chip confimation for certain drives



Hi, I need to order a media-tek based sata dvd burner and the only 2 on new egg are : and

Im wanting to get the Liute-On ihas324-07 preferably but if it does not have the media-tek chip then my only othr option would be the bulk iHAS124-04 - OEM. Can someone please confirm which of these has a mediatek chipset ASAP Please? I’m kind of in a hurry… thank you so miuch for any time you give me on the mater. If neither of those drives have it can you point me to a drive that does? thank you so much in advance.
BTW: My sid is really old although I own most of those drives still…lol


I just wanted to add that I have a chance to pick up a lite-on iHAS 524-07 SATA, does this one in fact use mediatek chip or no?


Neither ones you’ve listed on NE has a Mediatek chipset. The “-07” is a ‘W’-series now, meaning a Renesas/NEC chipset, probably the last of its kind. Your likelihood of getting a LO Mediatek chipset is from e B a y, anything with a ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’ series. The ‘Y’ is a NEC chipset.


Hey, I just ordered this one off e-bay iHas 524-07 retail.

So I sent him these pictures attached to make sure it was an MTK chip set and he said it matches the MTK pictures exactly.

Before I sent him the pictures he said

"All we know is that it is revision “DU”.
After I sent those pictures he opened up a box and checked it to compare and was the same as in the pic. So I went ahead and ordered it.


The “DU” is indication of a ‘D’ series, so it’s a MTK-based drive. I had posted those pictures up long time ago.