Lite on media problem

i have bought a lite-on (shite on) LDW401S i have tried 5 different types of media

arita 4x 9 out of 15 worked
bulkpaq 4x 3 out of 5 ‘’’’’’’’’
eproformance 2.4x 4 out of 10’’’’’’’’’’’
datawrite 2.4x 3 out of 5’’’’’’’’’’’
ritek grade a media 4x 7 out of 10 worked

after trying each pack the writer burns some and does not recognise others in the same pack. is this normal

i can understand certain media not being recognised but to burn 6 out of 10 from the same pack cant be right. this is the case with all the brands mentioned the writer will recognise only a few out of a pack

is it working properly?

please help


I can’t say I’m a DVDR expert but what you are describing does not sound right. So many different brands of DVDRs should not fail completely during the write process. Have you gone to the Lite-on site to get the latest firmware for your drive?

That often fixes a lot of media problems.

Without knowing the maker of each of the media brands, it’s impossible to say much about it, but they may well all be the same crappy media.