Lite-On Media Learning



I would like to get some opinions on Media Learning. Quoting from Omnipatcher 2.0.0 readme file “All LiteOn drives will store a log of its four most recent burns in its non-volatile memory, and, over time, it will use this data to adjust its laser calibration. In most cases, this leads to better drive performance.”
I would like to know if others have problems with this. Considering that the new Omnipatcher has the option to disable Media Learning in cases where this is not working correctly (thanks I believe to C0deKing for this), there must be a reasonable number of instances where the ‘learning’ is not beneficial. My own experiences with 1653s & 1673s have been that media learning is not beneficial as invariably burns deteriorate, not improve. Usually first few burns are best and need to Reset Learned Media eventually to restore burn quality. What do you think?




I agreee with you first burn after reset is great after that the quality does drop still acceptable but you would think the it would be the other way around.


Here’s an example - 1st burn at 6x after reset learned media - 1673s JS07 (scanned on 1653s) - burn previous to this had pif in the thousands (didn’t keep a copy to show scan)

I wonder how media learning works - does bad burn of one media type affect next burn on different media for example? My experience seems to indicate that it does (or am I imagining it?)