Lite-On LWD-411S is a horrible drive

I really wish I hadn’t bought this POS drive. I hope it breaks in a year so I can have it replaced on warranty.

It’s only been like 2 months and it’s ready to conk out and won’t write on the same media I’ve been using. I realize I use cheap-o media but that’s the only media available where I live (I don’t live in the USA).

Worse, I found out that the DVDs and CDs I’d written earlier don’t read well, or don’t read at all, on other DVD drives. CDs I wrote on my previous burner (a CyberDrive burner) which read on other drives fine don’t read on this Lite On POS!

I’ve made over 50 coasters with this drive in the past month, I only wrote like 10 good non-coaster DVDs in the first month of use. Using the same media.

Now I’ve tried swapping media, updating firmware, using different burn software, trying the tips I see here on these forums, but they don’t seem to want to work.

I would like to advise everyone to stay away from this drive and stick with CyberDrive instead. It’s cheaper and a more reliable brand. I wish I hadn’t thought of “upgrading” to a bigger name brand like Lite On.

What a waste of money!

<o =""></o>:p…go buy an NEC-ND2510A or a Pioneer A08. Satisfaction (almost) guaranteed. :bigsmile:

But, no…seriously, the SOHW-832S has come a long way since the early days of the LDW-411S. Its a much better bit of hardware than the 411S ever was.

Be that as it may, I will not rely on LiteOn hardware in mission critical situations.


Have you tried this A08? I’d take the more tried-and-true 8x drives over the A08 until it’s been shown that the A08 is a stable drive.

Actually, I’d take the BenQ 16x drives over the A08. Cheaper, and actually does 16x, unlike what the A08 supposedly claims to do.

You have a valid point here Code! The A08 is not a fast 16x drive. Infact, its close to the last 8-12% actually writing at 16x. =. Having said this, 16x -R is quite a nice bit of functionality imho. Also, the fact that the drive writes 4x to cert. 4x DL media is quite nice.

Still, its always a question of brand loyalty and what you know as a good product. I guess, when we think about it, despite being disgustingly unscientific, impressions of a previous generation of drive carry to the next - with preconceptions of how it should perform.

So, with this in mind, I look at all the new LiteOn hardware with renewed hope - every time a new drive is released. It is just unfortunate thus far, that the hardware has not been able to live up to expectations I guess.

Wish I could buy a Pioneer or NEC drive instead but I don’t have enough disposable income to go buying DVD burners with impunity!

What’s with those damn misleading reviews on the net (there’s one on this site! saying Lite-ON LDW-411S burned all media with great results? Maybe for the first week but they should review the drives for 2 months and see if they still come back laughing.

If anyone is interested by the way I have currently flashed my drive back to FSOF (which everyone says is the best for -R media… it’s not; the -R media I use is only detected by FSOF as 1x speed, while FS0J detects it at 2x. The funny thing is it’s 4x media and FS02 detects it as 4x. Go figure.)

I have it connected as a master on my second IDE apart from my harddisk, and I’m using Nero I also tried various burn software like 321’s DVD X Copy and 1ClickDVDCopy and CopyToDVD 2. Pretty much similar results.

Is there anyway to check what kind of media I am using? I mean is there software which reads the DVD-R and tells me what kind of media it is? Because I have no idea what media it is, all I know is it has a silver coating with no print, green outline, and it says “PREMIUM” and “4x” in green in the inner plastic.

I also tried other media which are colored grey, blue, silver, orange, and some +R media as well. The +R seemed to write fine at the time but that was during the 1 month grace period.

Anyway still stay away from this POS. :iagree:

Regarding the 1S: I think the thing that kills the 1S is that it suffers from the Princo effect–some units performed superbly, and some units just sucked… and I think that there were too many of the latter. They redeemed themselves with the 51S/2S. Though from the initial looks of it, the 3S is going to be a disaster…

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you there Code. Still, I have some shred of optimism left in me…

code, did you get your S3?

I guess you missed my thread about my getting the 3S. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful 8x burner! Nice and fast. In fact, it has replaced my 832S as my regular day-to-day drive. But its 12x is… eh… I did get a 4x Prodisc to roast at 12x. I posted results in that thread (go search for it… I’m too lazy to :p). It didn’t coaster (much to my shock), but the results aren’t as good as my 8x burns, so I’m still sticking to 8x.

Just really disappointing because I was hoping for some nice, juicy speed, but the darn thing seems to want to croak whenever I try to get it past 8x. Took me several discs to finally get the right tweak needed to get that Prodisc to go 12x without coastering, and even then, as I said, the results weren’t what I was getting with the 8x.

when i put this in jamos thread it got ignored and maybe i am missing something but…

[COLOR=Red][I]maybe this is why the 1213 is not doing so well:

Andrew Wyllie, product manager of NEC’s Business Equipment Division, told us that current 12-speed drives are something to be wary of.

He said that the speed was never made official by the DVD Alliance or DVD Forum - the consortiums behind the + and - formats, respectively.

‘There are no Japanese companies making 12-speed drives, because it’s not a standard,’ he said. But because a couple of months following the launch of a new speed drive the price bottoms out, some of the other Asian manufaturers such as those in Taiwan wanted to keep momentum going with a 12-speed version.[/I][/COLOR]