Lite-on LVW5024G Drive Problem...HELP!

I have a Lite-on LVW5024G recorder that has just started refusing to play/recognise almost any disc that i put inthe damn machine. I have read the posts that have been going on here and see that it seems to be a common problem with Lite-on’s. A short time ago i did download the firmware from Lite-on site and installed that, also i did make it region free with the remote control hack.
I have a question for all you kind folk with a similar problem…

Q. If i were to put a Lite-on drive from my P.C into the T.V recorder would it work properly??? ALSO would i need to update any fimwares again.

The reason i ask is because i have opened the faulty drive up to clean it and made no improvement, but i dont really want to throw the unit out as it may be able to fix just by doing this.

The drive that is currently in the recorder is : DDW-813s,
Details on the back of recorder is : Model: LVW5024G, SERIAL: T01544002031
Manufacturer date: Week 44 2005