Lite-On LVW-5115GHC+ vs. LVW-5116GHC+



I’m a newbie to DVD Recorders. The local COSTCO sells the 5115GHC+ for $119.99. I’ve searched this forum for the 5116 but can’t find a thread.

Went to Lite-On site, attempted to do a comparision with the 5116GHC+. - complete confusion as I can’t seem to find the difference.

Anyone know what the difference is? I wish to be “region free” on playback and able to record PAL from a PAL player.

Thanks -
Ken, wb4zoh


Try the LiteON model: 5115GHC+ its more durable then the 5116.
If you come across the 5005 model buy it!!!


Is it possible for you to be more specific, and provide some detail…?


Here is the 5115 GHC+:

Here is the 5116 GHC+:

The 5005 allows you to copy to VCD. And some unprotected DVDs as well.


Some of us were looking for information that would distinguish between these two models.

How does this pair of seemingly identical pictures help us to assess the difference in asserted “durability”?


They aren’t just seemingly the same. Both pictures have the same URL :iagree: :rolleyes:


Perhaps I did not make myself understood. In my original post, I stated that I visted the Lite-On webpage, read both the LVW 5115GHC+ and the 5116GHC+, and could not determine the difference between each modle.

I would appreciate it greatly if there is somone on the forum who knows what the difference happens to be.

Perhaps I’m on the incorrect forum, please direct me to the correct one.


You are on the correct forum, and your original question was quite clear. Please stay around and don’t be put off by less-than-helpful contributors.

@Macrovision3500: If you haven’t anything meaningful to add to this thread, then please don’t bother posting in future :cop:.


according to liteons’ website there both the same. 5115 and 5116.
However, there are some improvements, fixes to 5116. :bigsmile: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop:


So, for the benefit of the others: do you know what these improvements and fixes are?

You would be well-advised to cut out the sarcastic style. Consider yourself warned, and just stick to the subject of this thread unless you want an interruption of your status.


I think what Macrovision is trying to say is that they’re exactly the same unit. Check out the firmware page for their CE products. Both units point to the same file. The big difference is that one has a 5 in it while the other has a 6.


Maybe I have answered my own question. I again visited the Lite-On home page and printed the specifications on the units

After a side-by-side comparison, the only differences I found was in text layout. grouping of specifications. and within “TV System.”, the 5116 shows “TV SOUND” as MONO and the 5116 does not.

As someone else posted, the firmware upgrade is identical.

However, I do not know if either or both units can be changed from Region 1 to Region 0 – something that I must have. It would nice to find ain exspensive DVDr that could convert PAL to NTSC.


I think there’s a code that will let you change the region on any LiteOn. I can’t remember it off-hand but I remember seeing it on

I’m pretty sure the tuner on all LiteOn recorders is mono, so they may just have neglected to mention it on the LVW-5115GHC+.

As for PAL playback, they’ll do it, but they just cut off the bottom of the screen. If you want to downgrade the resolution, I’m pretty sure you need a computer.


Hi guys,
Newbie question: I have a LVW-5115GHC+, and I was wondering what will the firmware do. If I screw up, will the firmware upgrade be easily undone? Thanks for your help.


I am trying to determine whether I should buy the 5005 or the 5116. I think I would have chosen the 5005 due to the macrovision hack. However, other threads suggest that a new 5005 cannot be macro hacked.

If this is in fact correct then the other drawbacks of the 5005 suggest that I might as well get the 5116? Macrovision hack is not critical but would be nice…


Here is a link to a site that explains how to “region-free” Liteon DVD recorders. I’ve tried it with 5005 and 5116 and it works for both.

I’ve also updated the firmware of the 5116 (and 5005) successfully - no problem.

Anybody know how to turn off the blue LED permanently?


Oh, and I would recommend the 5116, as opposed to the 5005, unless you really need to write to CDs (not just DVDs). The 5116 can play MP4 and DivX files from CDs or DVDs, is smaller and quieter, and is a similar price. It’s a fair bit newer than the 5005, meaning it’s using newer technology. My 5005 (which I’ve had for a few years) has recently stopped working properly (wrecking recordable DVDs, but otherwise still works).


According to lite-on website, the difference is the 5115 can do double-layer while the 5116 does not. The rest is largely similar between both. Zipzoomfly is selling 5116 for 130 with free shipping. I plan to buy one myself to replace the 5005X (a bad luck buy). Does anyone have experience with the 5116? Thank you.


Hello ryanseanj,
Sorry! I did not quite well read your post. Is there anything you can share with us about the 5116? I would like to have the link to the firmware update you memtioned in your post. Thank you.


On a post I saw in another thread the member had a LiteOn 5001 and 5007 both of which took hacks, but same member said a LiteOn 5115 he has would not take hack. This seems to indicate 50xx seires will hack while 51xx and later will not although I’ve no way to confirm this. Does anybody know of any LiteOn 50xx series that don’t hack and any LVW-5005 in particular that don’t hack?