Lite-On LVW-5055GDL-won't prepare blank disks for recording

i have recently encountered problems with the item below which
makes it unusable with blank dvd media disks.the machine refuses to prepare
unused blank DVD media.disks that have had recordings on them but are now erased
and empty cause no problems but it will not prepare new blank disks for
recording. i have tried various makes of disk and studied the manual and found
no remedy for this problem.this is a recent problem
i have had no trouble using the various disks previously.this
happens with new and unused disks and is not caused by over use of re-
recordable disks

paul bennett
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SORRY PAUL, THIS IS OF NO HELP, but at least I know not to get that 5055 one then. I have a liteon 5006, which has been playing up this last few months. its my own fault for being a cheapskate, and the idea to have to download forever, upgrades, from their site is useless nowadays. I believe Liteon are about to change their name… I wonder why. … I am thinking of the pioneer 440, or sony hx725… from good old amazon… uk… cheers, and good luck!! david