Lite-on LVW 5055 GDL+ Copy DVD to HDD

Can anybody tell me how to copy my DVD collection onto the Hard Disk of my Lite-on LVW 5055 GDL+.

I have update the firmware and made the Recorder multiregion which has allowed me to record from other sources.

When I put one of my bought DVD collection in the DVD player and try to copy it to Hard Disk a get the following message “the function you specified is not supported due to the copyright or some other reason”.

As I own the DVD there should be no copyright issues, can I disable this function so I can make my favourite DVD available instantly on the Hard Disk?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

You own the physical DVD but you don’t own the right to make copies of it.

There is a Macrovision hack for the LiteOns but it has never allowed copying from the internal DVD drive to the HDD. On earlier recorders it would allow copying from an external DVD to the LiteOn but it didn’t work for me on my 5055 except on 1 DVD that I got from shop to demonstrate tiling!

The PC is the only way I have managed what you suggest but you can also get a device that fits between an external DVD player and the LiteOn, disables Macrovision and connects via SCART.