Lite-On LVW 5045


first of all, sorry about my bad english.

I did buy a lite-on lvw-5045. All works fine, but i have a big problem:

When i copy a film on dvd, i can use this dvd only in the 5045 and not on any other device, also not on computer.

Do anyone know, what the problem can be.



The obvious thing to point out is that all +r and -r discs have to be finalized to play on another player.Do you get the same problem with +rw discs?(they dont need finalizing)… The other is to stick with the recommended brand of disc,or find one that’s compatable with your player. This can be hit and miss and a very expensive exercise. People recommend different discs but it could just be your particular player.Try lending some discs out to different people and see if they play and what on. … Compatability is an ongoing issue with Liteon standalone recorders,but for the 5005,the recent Firmware updates(from Liteons website) have made a difference to the compatability issue. One brand of disc that wouldn’t play after finalizing on my other player,now play (only newly finalized discs though)…You might end up having to buy another compatable player. One poster took some discs into electrical stores with him,I doubt you would get that sort of service in the U.K. but maybe where you are.

If the standalone records using a VR format you must install a -VR or +VR driver to be able to use the discs on your computer…

I have the same problem with 2.4X +RW medias

I have no problem with 4X +RW medias

It’s not a problem of finalization.

The 5045 still jitters with svcd and vcd format. Green is still present but not as bad as the 5005 with version 86 of the firmware installed. I have no black lines in the picture and the contrast is much better then the 5005 with version 86 of firmware still installed from the factory. 5045 doesn’t appear to jitter with harddrive used to make dvd files. The 5045 does’t seem to let you create vcd or svcd on the hard drive though–bummer–still no divx or kvcd format for regualr cd’s. Price was 349.99 at costco.

I’m trying to put the video content of some old VHS videos on to the HDD, but am getting the “protected content” message. These old videos aren’t available on DVD & I want to convert them before they die of old age. Is this possible on the lite-on lvw 5045?

My suggestion may not be pretty but it works. I have a GoVideo Dual Deck VHS (6060) that I purchased in the late 90’s, that makes EXACT copies of any copy protected VHS. In fact, I just transferred NEMO to dvd. In early 2000’s, the government passed some kinda “anti copy law” that required companies like GoVideo to stop manufacturing equipment that could remove Macrovision from VHS tapes. My suggestion is that u simply purchased one those GoVideo decks from ebay…(check GoVideo’s site to find out the production year) connect it to your dvd burner and copy until your heart’s content. That’s my two cents. :slight_smile:

A protection removing scart lead will work.