Lite-On LVW-5045, standalone 160 GB hard disk and DVD recorder

I just posted the article Lite-On LVW-5045, standalone 160 GB hard disk and DVD recorder.

Lite-On IT,
one of the world’s biggest Optical manufacturers, introduces the LVW-5045, it’s
first DVD recorder with Hard Disk inside, for a killing price of 499 Euro!
The advanced 'All…

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hope it supports mpeg4 playback

akao is making a valid “example” of why so many people think thePublic education system is “doomed” :wink:

Hehehe :d

do i miss anything? wanna elaborate?

akao look at above chart where it says “playable format” that should answer both questions. :slight_smile:

Now now, be nice. Akao, I’m sure, was just trying express that his/her desire, as most of us are, to see it handle mpeg4. It is sad to see such a new innovative product not support mpeg4 though. Especially since there are those new chips in the market that some manufactuers are starting to use.:c
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When will this be available?

Well its taking the industry too long to support DivX/Xvid/Mpeg4 standalone play+record, in my view. The least they could have done was give DivX/Xvid/mp4 player support!..That would be a good comprimise. Till then…I would be interested in this product. It just means the Xbox will have to remain as the DivX/Xvid/mp4 player. :g
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