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Until this time, the only drives CDFreaks reviewed were PC based drives. Now with the growing DVD Recorder market, CDFreaks presents its first review of a standalone DVD / HDD Recorder, in this case the world’s first standalone to feature CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and HDD recording support. This review takes a look at usability and features to picture and disc writing quality and performance.

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German´s No.1 magazin “video” had tested the Liteon 5045. Video-quality middle, Audio-quality nearly poor, some system-hangups (need a new start) Same for the OEM-Version, Philips 520H


How extensive were their tests? While most magazines usually don’t have much more than 1 page to review one device we are able to spend 12 pages to only one device, that really makes a difference…


When I first got the recorder, it did actually hang quite a lot, however once I applied firmware 197-UK, I think it may have only hanged only once throughout the 4 week review. To me, the audio sounds fine directly from the Lite-On itself and I didn’t notice any unusual background hiss, unlike what most PC onboard soundcards pick up. I tried recording from various sources including CDs, over SCART, TV, etc. However, as the audio output (over Phono and SCART) is fairly high, it can cause distortion on audio equipment that has very sensitive inputs. For example on my PC’s sound card, I had to set the Line-in level fairly close to the bottom to avoid the input meter from peaking. I did also check for other issues that people mentioned in user reviews back in January such as audio-video sync problems after an hour of recording, remote keys acting if pressed twice, etc. However I haven’t encountered any issue with the remote and after a 2.5 hour recording, the audio & video was still in perfect sync that I could see, i.e. ‘B’ & ‘P’ sounds matched the person’s lips. :wink:


They uses very expensive equipment for measuring. I don´t think that CDfreaks can do tests like video. They review DVD-Recorders, Video-Recorders, Players usw, have much experience with those things. And it´s the best magazine for video-equipment and can not be compared with magazine´s like Audio-Video-Bild usw. And I read in many forum´s that almost nobody can say that Liteon DVD-Recorders have a good picture-quality


In my opinion, having a physical look at the picture (such as Page 11 of this review) can be better than using equipment to compare picture quality, especially with different quality modes and comparing different recorders (later on). I use to get annoyed with reviews of video hardware that only gave a ‘measurement’ score as apposed to showing close-up images for the reader to compare. E.g. some users would prefer a sharper ‘blockier’ picture, while others would prefer a smoother, etc. However an analysis only gives figures or the equipment’s own ‘quality’ rating. I have seen Microsoft often use image and audio analysis to show that their codecs beats other audio and visual codecs and for a good while I often seen people boasting about how good Windows Media sounds & looks until later when visual & listening tests have changed this around. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really wanted to like this DVD recorder but I’ve tried 3 of them so far and not 1 has worked properly even after the latest 197 firmware update. 2 manufactured in January both would end up with corrupt recordings after defragmenting the hard drive and 1 manufactured in February would recoded timer recordings on the wrong day.


make that 4 now, another february and again it records timer recordings for the wrong day.


Seems the 201 firmware finally has everything working right, at least for those manufactured in February.


I bought the earlier model via mail order in December 05, 6 months later I discovered that I couldn’t copy from the HDD to DVD - the first time I had tried to do this. The machine simply would not recognise any type or brand of DVD if it was or had been blank - shop bought films worked fine. Contacted Liteon & ended up taking 5 days off work, each time I was waiting in for the unit to be collected. Eventually, Liteon agreed to send an upgraded unit - 5045B and uplift the old one at the same time. 4 months later, this new machine suffered the same fate. I had originally put a couple of films onto DVD so I knew this feature worked. Contacted Liteon, this time I lost 2 day’s pay waiting for collection & then delivery of the repaired item. 2 months later, I have the self same problem - the machine simply doesn’t recognise any DVD-r/rw, +r/rw, or even blank CDs. When it works, this machine is the business, when it breaks down, it’s a real PITA getting it fixed. Rather than waste any more money taking time off work, I’m going to spend a day’s wages & buy a standalone DVD recorder & link to this machine. It will pay for itself straight away because I won’t need to take a second day off work. And BTW, I tried to upgrade the firmware but the machine won’t recognise any disk that is or was blank, so I have a CD full of firmware upgrades now destined for the bin.




I really like this recorder, until it stopped recording my films from HD to DVD… it does not recognize any brand of blank DVD that makes recording ( from HD to DVD) impossible. If anybody can suggest any solution, please do so…thanks… ( Lite-on user from Italy)


Model number LVW-5045A Serial Number 002535611284 LVW 5045 HARD DRIVE FAILURE PLEASE HELP


I’m on my second LVW-5045GDL+, again, same as first didn’t last a year, won’t read any disks, so I can’t record anything. there is obviously a problem with this product.


Can I programme the av channel?


Not happy to read your problems regarding the difficulty of reading discs. I bought mine in sept 2005 and except for menu bounce its worked satifactorly untill the other day when I tried to play a disc it read ‘Invalid’. I have it set at ‘Region Free’ and the disc’s I want ed to play were ‘Region 4’. Oddly it played Regions 1 & 2 without difficulty. Even after resetting to Region 4 it still didnt want to work. On VideoHelp site, some members reported replacing the DVD drive which in some cases worked. The label on the case says Lite-On IT’ a DDW-813S but the mother board is by Sony with no discernable other details. As far as I am aware the HDD is still working ok. No one tried the swap option??


I have found the Lite-On DVD Recorder and Home entertainment forum and I am now busy reading the postings on replacing the DVD drive.
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Since my last posting I found a company in OZ who is a distributor for Lite-ON plus a dozen or so other brands of electronic items. The bad news is that there is NO after warranty expires service available for any Lite-On product. I was advised that during warranty the item is replaced not repaired due to cost but do they replace the whole item or cannabalise another so you get your original unit back? So depending on its price, you would have to seriously consider paying for an extended warranty or be prepared to replace the unit if it fails one day after the warranty runs out. :frowning:


Does anybody know where I can purchase Taiyo Yuden in Germany?


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