Lite On LVW-5026



I recently purchased the above DVD recorder and am experiencing the following problem; until now it would read all recordable DVD`s but now does not recognise them, even ones which I copied from the hard drive which previously played on this machine without any problems.
Whilst the machine is under warranty I would be grateful to find out in any one else has experienced the same problem.
Many thanks in advance.


There have been many with various 50xx models that developed playing and/or recording problems including my 5005 that was only 6 months old. I also read a few posts where problem units were returned for repair and waiting several weeks for return only to have the same problem recur in a few months. Considering the cost of return to repair, wait time and problem likely to recur, I opted to replace the DVD burner as quite a few others have done. There are several threads in this forum on drive replacement, and you should be able to find good replacement burners for under $40.


I’ve used my LVW 5026 every day for the past 4 years with no serious problems. In recent weeks it has started to corrupt files copied from the HDD to DVD+RW discs. Typically, the first file will be Ok but the next one will have no thumbnail (just a black square) and the machine will hang for ages before starting to play. When it does play, the picture is badly broken up and there is no sound. Upgrading with the latest firmware from the LO site makes no difference. I can still record TV broadcasts direct to DVD, though. Previously recorded discs still play with no problems - it just doesn’t like copying from HDD to DVD!
Any advice about how to fix the problem?