Lite-on lvw-5007 recorder problems

Hi, the problem i’m having with this is that whenever i put in a disc to record, it would say “Blank disc.” But it would stay on the screen and not let me record anything. Does anyone know how to fix this? Am I using the wrong type of disc brand? I’m using sony dvd+r so i’m not sure why it would do this. And does anyone know where i can download the manual in .pdf format? Thanks

actually, it’s a dvd+rw but for some reason it keeps saying blank disc ven when i put in a disc that hasnt been used yet. Can someone help me?? anyone?

Some brands of disks work better than others. Check the list of disks recommended for use with this unit.
Link to manual.

Check the disk. If it’s more than 8X it won’t format in a 5007. Get one that is less than 8X for best results.