Lite-On LVW-5005 shows "NO DISC"

Hi everybody,

I have a Lite-On LVW-5005 DVD recorder from today my recorder shows “NO DISC” after insert a blank or a original CD/DVD.
It doesn’t recognize discs. Did it break down? What can I do with this?
Have I warranty in EU? Is it still under guarantee?
Please give me some advice on it. I have already read the troubleshooting guide and user manual. Where is a qualified service? :bow:

Yours faithfully Peter Sule from Hungary,

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Can you give me a good advice?

What media are you using. Do you have other media. Have you tried to update the firmware from lite-on ?? Is your recorder installed on your Tv correctly?? You can search this forum for other info on lite-on. I think this recorder over is a year old-at least the one I have is -I bought it february 2005. You can try to call lite-on tech support. Good luck

Jo napot kivanok, FeketePeter.

After you’ve tried all of the above, then you might consider replacing the drive. Check, for example, It’s not hard or too expensive.


Thank you for your motion. My 5005 works so with all type of media.
I can’t update the firmware because it use a disc also.
The symtoms:

  1. open tray
  2. insert a CD/DVD or original/writed/blank disc
  3. close tray
  4. twice blink “LOAD”
  5. long “NO DISC”

Szia Trak101!
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