Lite On LVW-5005 Macrovision

In post #13 you said you downloaded 2 different firmwares from LiteOn, but only 1 firmware was found for my recorder at LiteOn site. How did you find 2 LiteOn firmwares from LiteOn? I want to know because I recently order another LVW-5005 to bakcup the 1 I already have and in case I have problems hacking it.

I visited the Lite -On site twice and after putting all my details into the site i had received two sepperate Firmware’s. But as stated one did not work but the second did. Why did you buy another 5005? if i were to buy another Lite -On it would be with the hard drive version.

Hi all, my first post on this forum, and thank you all for the great information so far. Now my turn to add some tidbits on what I know about firmware versions.

A bit of background, I own 2 Ilo HD04s, 3 Ilo R04s, 1 5005 and 2 somewhat dead 5007 that I’m trying to revive. All hacked.

Room237, I see that your S/N reads 0102-3243-0101-G2BD(000-010D). The digits of importance are xxxx-xxxx-0101-xxxx(00x-xxxx). The first 2 segments (xxxx-xxxx) identifies the motherboard, the third segment (0101) is the current firmware version installed, the last segment (G2BD) identifies the drive (in this case this would be the 451 X4 Liteon) the first 0 in brackets identifies the region (right now set at 0 meaning region-free) the second 0 in brackets identifies the status of copy-protection (0 = enabled, 1 = disabled). This S/N tells me that you’ve ran the firmware through the hacker and it installed the 3-hour mode and set it region-free, but I find very strange is that the setting for CP is still enabled (0).

Great to hear that you can backup your VHS, maybe it did relax it enough to do so but I suspect a very good VCR. To really put the hack to the test, you should try and backup one of your own commercial DVDs, this will leave no doubt.

And as for the second firmware that you were given, I suspect it’s the “1000” which is a “drive only” firmware, good idea to install prior to any other firmware. As this file does not have a system update, that’s why nothing happenned with the hacker.

If you notice that your 5005 is not properly hacked I would suggest that you use the 0098 official version first to backflash, then reflash with the hacked 0098. Then verify the S/N and a few tests with DVDs and you should be all set.

As I mentioned before, got a lot of usefull info here and just trying to help.



Thank you for the advice and likewise the information would be useful, However i have no further interest in downloading any other firmware. As for backing up a commercial DVD there is no point as the P.C comes in handy for this purpose and is much quicker. But! I did try it, unfortunately i did not have another DVD Player to use and i just could not be bothered to unplug and reconnect the other DVD player we use for everyday recording etc. But i connected the Playstation 2 and copied a film from that using no stabiliser. The results were exactly the same no Macrovision!. It may be strange to you and probably many others? But there would be no point in me telling porkies as this would defeat my own intentions of having a Macro free DVD Recorder to which despite what anybody believes i now have. I got very lucky and i dont know how, but what ever the case i am happy with the way the system is operating now and i have backed up approx 20 films of my large collection.Obviously some of these have no Macrovision on them. But the test i carried out recording approx 20minutes from around 80 VHS films only 1 did fail. I call that impressive to say the least and my thanks goes to Ilohacker as the hacked firmware certainly did something here. I do not intend to mess with the Recorder again in case i lose what i now have.
Yes i agree with you this is a brilliant site and i will be coming back here later for some help on a region free hack for a Hitachi DVD Recorder. A friend of mine who wants it converted to multi region. :cool:

hey all if anyone can hack or tell me how to hack my lite-on 5005 recorder so it will be Macrovision free you will be the new best friend on earth :slight_smile: im stuck it looks like.

i broguht it a week ago and im in Austaralia and there is no new hack for the Australia ones. i downloaded a program that changed my firmware so it unlocked the 3 hour mode and made it region free but it wont unlock the macrovision and it seem like no one can. this is my S/N:0102-0640-0101-B20G (400-010D) when i first brought it and now this is it after the new firmware S/N:0102-3640-0101-B20G (000-010D) as you can see only 2 numbers have changed. is what can you ppl do or give me :slight_smile: or what will be the best thing to do to get rid of Macrovison?

Cheers guys any help would be sweet :slight_smile:

Rabbi I am sorry to hear the hacks have not worked for you in being able to make your Lite-On Macrovision free and i have no doubt someone here will be able to assist you? Unfortunately i cannot unless you follow what i did above.
First thing i need to know from you is this Are you recording the macrovision coded material from VHS or a DVD Player? If you are what is the quality like on your Lite-On? Did you find the quality of recording much better once you hacked your version?.
I cannot assist you in switching off your Macrovision as i have done with mine, but have you thought about investing in a Dimax Red Pro stabiliser? This may work if you cannot switch off Macrovision. Or if you wish i have an ICOS Macromaster Gold stabiliser which i have no more use for this will also do the trick. I wish i could say what happened to mine and why my system is now Macrovision Free when nobody else seems to be able to get their system Macro Free come on guys i cannot be the only one here! :disagree:

im not useing it to back up my VHS or DVD’s why i need the macrovision unlocked is because im running my pay tv through the RF and it is really poor quality the picture is fuzzy and not clear like it should be. so i want to run the picture through the auxilary out put of the pay tv box to my recorder, but when i hook it up i get no picture just a flic of a white line every few seconds and i get sound through it crystal clear.

so im guess i need to unlock the marcrovision to do this?

unless there is another way or there is another thing stopping it any advice would be grateful :slight_smile:

why are you using the RF out which i take you mean the Ariel connections? The problem you are refering to has nothing to do with Macrovision. The box you are talking about is either a Satalite box or what most people are using over here these days Freeview boxes. I am not sure if you have these In Australia? But the encryption or Macrovision would only be used on certain Films or maybe other events which the Broadcasters do not wish you to record. Try using the Scart connections between the Sat box and your DVD Recorder. Connect the ariel through the sat box instead of the DVD Recorder.

If this was my set up that is the way it would be done. That should improve your picture faults.
Hope this helps?

CrazyCanuck, just read your very informative post. Recently I experienced failed hack attempt because I unwittingly used 0104-1840-009X-XXXX to 098 update after which I succeeded using the correct 0102-1840-009X-XXXX to 098 update because my serial number begins with 0102. Notice the second set of 4 numbers for both room237 and rabbi06 are different from the 1840 for both my original and the 098 version for hacking. Will the 0102-1840-009X-XXXX to 098 update work for recorders with second set of 4 numbers being different from 1840, and are there other firmware versions available that will work if this one doesn’t? From room237’s experiencing “file” displayed on his failed attempt, it would appear the 0102-1840-009X-XXXX to 098 update will not work with his second set of 4 number being different.

your recorder with get round mv with vhs mv without updates or fw here it is 1 on the vhs run a blank tape 2 record on your liteon for a few seconds then pause 3 take out the blank tape 4 replace with the film you want to record 5 you must start playing the vhs tape at the opening titles 6 unpause your recorder and the mv is bypassed.know it works on region 2 good luck

That i am afraid is not entirely correct! I have tried this, In fact i posted this idea to another site before attempting to update or downgrade any firmware as i had experimented with different ideas. The point that you make that the Macrovision will be somehow removed by this process will fail on most Video’s that have Macrovision on them, This is because the signal has not yet been detected or the film you are recording has a weak form of Macrovision. One Video i did try which i knew had Macrovision on it yes it did work but you could still see a slow change in brightness control at periods within the recorded copy. Other Videos will not work with this process or they will start no problem but as soon as the Macrovision is picked up the system will stop recording.
Ther is no getting away from the point! I beleive there was something wrong with my Lite-On as even with a stabiliser in line the picture quality was awfull. No sooner as i updated my firmware this changed everything. On one recording which failed with the hack which i have already documented a stabiliser was used and there were none of the problems i had encountered before dealing with picture quality. However i would suggest that the idea you are portraying is not worthwile and many people will find this a total waste of their time as well as frustrating when the Macrovision is picked up. But if it worked for you then all well and good. As for me i have no problems with Macrovision now. One thing i was wrong about is that i thought the firmware had got rid of this horrible echo from my unit but it is still there? I have no choice but to run the ariel through the VCR and then through the scart connection to my DVD recorder. This subject i would welcome any ideas? :rolleyes:

Fortunately my new LiteOn LVW-5005 hacked successfully with available firmware as did my son’s new one that was ordered the next day. New units came with 101 firmware, and I first back flashed to official 098 version and then did the hack version. I’ll have to leave it to others to try with newer firmwares that are difficult to hack, but I’m interested in learning if anybody does accomplish that task.

I need help. I bought the 5005 which came with the 098 version. Unknowingly I upgraded my firmware from the liteon site and now have the 101 upgraded version. As a result my macroversion no longer functions and I can no longer copy any DVD.

Please give me a simple solution or a workable link that will get my macrovision free working again.

I’m computer literate but not an computer expert. A simple solution is all I ask for. I’ve tried downloading some hacked versions but no luck.

Any help is appreciated.

Simply reflash the drive with the 098 version and run the mod program again. I’ve done it and read where others have as well.

I know this sounds naive, but how do you back flash to the 098 version from 101? My machine was already modified when I ordered it (MV free). Thus, after I back flash it how do I get the MV free again (or will it be there once I backflash)?

I appreciate the help. If you give me details I can easily follow a step by step. Thanks
I really do appreciate the assistance!!

  1. Is your machine really MV Free - it shouldn’t be - all new models are sold with MV for a long time! I am not aware 101 can be made MV free anyway? I wonder if your sales agent is kidding you?

  2. If you are MV free, why go back to an older version?

Get the firmware and mod program at I suggest flashing with the official 098 firmware first and then flash with firmware mod which is the way I didt it.

Everything you say is making sense. I went to the link (ILO) and did exactly as instructed. The problem is the ILO hack site says it won’t disable the mv on versions past 098 mine being 101. I tried downgrading to 098 but no luck. If I had a site to go to that would downgrade me from 101 to 098 I’d be set. I already burned the hacked version to disable the mv. Now I just need to know how to downgrade. Again, thank for helping out.

The downgrade worked fine in my instance as well as for others I’ve read about and should work for yours. Are you sure you ran the mod program and reflashed with mod firmware after flashing with 098 official firmware, and what is serial number of the unit after flash? Perhpas you made the same mistake I did in reply #29 of this thread. Double check that you chose the correct firmware for your serial number and try again. Did the flash complete, or what error message is seen if flash not complete? One other thing that ocurred on one of the flashes I did was that the 5005 didn’t prompt whether to update firmware until I turned of the unit and powered on again which then prompted to update firmware.

When I got the machine from ebay the serial # was 0102 1840 0098 B208

Now it is 0102 1840 0101 B20G

The site you sent me to doesn’t have anything that says official firmware for 098. If it does I couldn’t find it. When I hacked the 0101 version and ran it on my DVD recorder all I got was the 3hr recording added but still can’t disable mv.

If possible please don’t say just do this and then this. Give me an exact website or an exact link straight to the official 098 firmware. If you give me a web site please tell me where on the site it’s located. Be as specific as possible. I know it will be taken care of once I’m given specific instructions.

PS I don’t give up.