Lite On LVW-5005 Macrovision

Ok i am very tired of hearing those people who seem to swear by certain Macrovision removing applications and seem to state the pictures were near perfect what tosh! Any body who can prove me wrong then i want you to come on here and show me these applications work because i know damn well they do not at least not 100%.
I had purchased a unit from Icos Technology who swore by their so called Technology. I needed to record from a VHS Player to my Lite-On DVD recorder. Now according to the instructions i could do this as their were no clashes between the Icos unit and my DVD Recorder. Wrong! This unit did indeed remove the Macro so in part their advert was correct but where it was msileading is although it does remove the Macro there are traces left behind., Which render your recording not of quality to watch. Let me list some of the faults.1. Picture roll now and again but only when the Macro signal is detected.
2.Fuzzy Picture again only when the signal is detected.3.Picture jump again at timed intervals. 4. Some shadows on screen. 5.Black lines accross screen not on all DVD’s.
I went back to Icos and complained where by after returning this unit they sent me another which did the same. I went back to them and they even had the cheek to blaime it on my Video Players and making some cock and bull that i were trying to Record in NTSC which is absolute rubbish.
I tried their New Icos Macrovision Gold still no good. So i replaced the VCR’s and you know i had the same problem. I then opted for the Scart lead advertised on Ebay and i found one which was sent quite quick and this cable did not work either. I then tried the Dimax DVD redpro and this too would not remove the macorvision sufficient to be able to watch the recording wih no distractions. I have tried all sorts of cobinations and none of them work.
If you read any ads stating that Macro can be removed. But these units are in fact misleading you. Yes they will remove Macrovision but not always leaving you with a recordable image. The DVD Red pro was set up for my DVD recorder but would not record anything with 100 per cent results of total macro removal. If any of you out there wish to buy one of these units be very careful as there is much misleading information out there concerning these applications some of which are not cheap to buy either.
If any one wishes to argue different then i want you to come on here and prove me wrong which does not mean coming on here with total Jargon stick to English instead of fobbing me off with tons of technical talk. I rest my case until someone proves me different! So in the mean while if you have a large video collection you want to put on to DVD forget it! Buy them again on DVD and keep the idiots wealthy who expect us to update our collections every time a new media player is released. Or a better idea dont buy any DVD’s rent them from the Video store and burn them off at least then it does not make your eyes water every time you have to update your collection. And there are many applications which will get over the Macro problem on the P.C no problem. MACROVISON I SAY STUFF YOUR COPY RIGHT! Who is ripping off who here think about it!

Whilst your are undoubtedly correct re. claims of macrovision removal (caveat emptor is a good principle for any web purchase), you cannot assume this applies universally to all products as many people happily use products that fit their needs.

If you have a 5005 you can modify the firmware (version 098 or earlier) to ignore macrovision provided you can source a firmware suitable (look on web). I and many Liteon users have done this and it works well.

Of course many PC TV cards are not affected either so you can use this approach as you say (I used to do this before I patched my Liteon).

With reference to copying macrovision stuff who is ripping who you ask.

Why is macrovision there - to stop illegal copies of course (originally tape to tape of course).

What is illegal e.g. I copy vhs tapes to DVD simply for archive purposes - in the UK even this is of questionable legality as we do not have a US style fair usage approach and even in the US this is loosely defined as far as I know.

Taking a shot at Macrovision is pointless as they are within their rights to do what they do.

Lets not kid ourselves about the morality of what we do.

Ultimately we are trying to beat the system and we like to get results but we should not whinge when we can’t do it or at least we should whinge to the appropriate rulemakers to get them to change their rules to a fairer approach.

It always a fact of life if solutions are proffered that solve what is a questionable practice to start with (i.e. copying protected tapes in this instance), then those who seek those solution have to accept they can fall prey to other questionable practices (e.g. selling dodgy solutions).

Finally, copying rental DVDs as you advocate is clearly illegal and whilst these forums are happy to work and advise in the region of fair use territory, it is against forum rules to advocate clearly illegal solutions.

I also have problems removing Macrovision from my LiteOn 5005. My original serial number was SN: 0102-1840-0090-B20G (103-010D) and is SN: 0102-1840-0101-B20G (103-010D) after update. I understand the third set of numbers in the serial number is the firmware version meaning mine was originally 090 firmware and is now 101 which would explain hack not working since hack doesn’t work on versions past 098 firmware. A Google search found a 0102-1840-009X-XXXX firmware which appears to be for my original 090 firmware if mine is 090 at and is the last link at that site which appears to be for my original version. Could I download that 1, run the hack again and update again to correct the problem? Again are there any risks in doing so, or should this work with no problems? If this is the solution, then instructions at that instruct to download latest LiteOn firmware to run the hack needs to be changed.

Unfortunately faulty instructions at caused all my problems because instructions say to get latest firmware from LiteOn for the hack where it should say to get the 098 firmware for the hack. The last link at the site that matches my recorder finally worked, and all VHS now appear Macrovision free with no need for a video stabilizer. Note I did the official update from the link first and then the hacked version just in case.

I have updated this section and removed what is deemed illegal(Sorry)

well done

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I wish to adjust my earlier posts on this subject. Firstly i did try the macro hack but on burning this to CD-rom all i got was file in the display screen of the LVW-5005. But something of a clue was found? I found a Restore on the DVD recorder which takes the unit back to factory settings. I just wondered? Hmm Yep so i hit the button and restored the DVD Recorder and tried my Video Enhancer again connecting between my Video player and DVD Recorder I went straight for the films which had the offending problems on them and hey presto Macro removed. Using the Dimax Red Pro (Well Green I should Say) All perfect.
So now i can back up my entire collection and get rid of the chunky Video’s taking up lots of space. That is all i needed to do was back up my collection to which this may be still illegal but it is for my own personal use and for my benefit only. So any one who has any problems similar to mine like screen flashing, or the odd flicker, or small black bands accross the picture now and again try what i did and hit Restore in system Set up. Be aware though! This will remove all programmed channels so you will have to scan and put these back in again. Something very odd on my player to which i have already posted on here is the actual quality of the channels on my Lite On. As previously stated the ariel if connected to the DVD recorder gives me an echo and is slowly layered until it turns into a real mess of sound. I thought Restore might have taken care of this but it did not. So there must be a fault inside the Lite On Itself? So i have to leave the Video Player connected so that i can record the TV Channels through that.This is the only problem i have not been able to solve.

You should be able to free the LVW-5005 of Macrovision with no need for video stabilizer device as I did. At I found post on same subject, posted questions by reply to that thread and finally achieved success. Sounds like you initially chose wrong firmware for hack just as I did once because I too only got the “data” message when CD was inserted. Give it another try being sure to select firmware that matches your recorder serial number. There are links in that thread that should help locate firmware matching your LiteOn. Good luck.

I have encountered a problem It seems that the Diamx Red Pro is not removing the Macrovision from one film in particular. I have also noticed on two other films there is still Macro there. So i want to hack the machine to get the Macrovision turned off.
Now my SN number is SN:0102-3243-0091-G2B9(201-010D) Now am i correct this is version 091? I have gone to the Lite on site and the serial they give does not have 4 XXXX which is the last code in this string 010D. I have inserted my serial number into the boxes given and have received both Firmwares fro the Lite-On 5005. The problem i have faced is that on burning these Data Files to CD is when i pop the disc into the Lite On it keeps coming up on the display FILE. can any body tell me what Firmware version i have is it 091 am i correct. How do i get hold of the firmware 098 which will give me 3 hour recording time and macrovision free if you wish to email me to sort this out please do. I have read through many links but all seem to be dead ends unless i am doing something totally wrong?

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: So Far So Good!

I so far have success i have finally been able to use the new Firmware downloaded from Lite-On for my Lite-On 5005 and its working a treat!
No Macrovision and i have 3hr recording facility All of a sudden my Lite-On has now become my best Freind. Dimax Red Pro i will be returning for my money back.
I also have an ICOS Goldstar Enhancer i wish to get rid off. It will work from DVD to DVD no problems. And will work with Most DVD Recorders however the Lite-On it will not work with. So will be selling this off as i have no need now for it.
I used the LNFBE101.E20 File and it worked a treat. The LNEBE180.DSI i firstly dowloaded did not work all i got in the display was File and the DVD Recorder just sat there.Obviously i had to hack this file first using So now i have a macro free DVD Recorder.

Are you sure Macrovision was removed? Initially I downloaded latest firmware from LiteOn, did same hack as you and got same failed results as you. You’re correct you had 091 version and version from LiteOn was 101, and I’ve read versions past 098 don’t hack which is why I’m surprised yours worked if it did really work. To succeed I had to go to and get 098 version on last link there (that’s the 1 that matches my serial number) to get it to work.

This is surprising if this is the case. As bevills1 points out, the hack has never worked post 098 versions even though the ilohacker program may say otherwise.

I would check before you get too elated. Bear in mind that not all videos have macrovision.

Also many users (including myself) have stated it is preferable to use an external tuner via SCART or RCA rather than the internal tuners which are not of very good qauility. Also on some models the tuner is only mono to make life worse. If you are in the UK I would generally recommned recording from a freeview box via SCART to get the best pictures (However I note that the band width quality of freeview has been poor during the world cup - obviously reduced to make way for all the interactive services?)

Incidentally, the issue of having to reset liteons to default before upgrading firmware is well done and has been documented many times.

Firstly I am aware that these hacks taken from the site you mention in the past have not worked? Well i must be the first in histroy that these hacks have indeed worked. I have a DVD Recorder now which is fully Macrovision Free. I am also aware that some videos have no Macrovision on them and this is why i have only tried the ones that have failed during recording using both a Dimax Red Pro, and the ICOS Macromaster Gold All of which state that they can remove the macrovision. Firstly i will say that they indeed do remove the Macrovision but all the recordings i have made using these items have failed in picture quality as the Gain is still playing havoc with the picture quality.
If the hacks have not worked for everyone else then there is something unique that i have done what that is i do not know? All i did was download two different Firmwares from Lite-On and hacked them using the site you bot mention. On the first try as always all i had in the screen of the Lite-On was file?

This is indeed curious and makes me wonder if the firmware has now changed again. I am reluctant to experiment in case I cannot reset to 098 my current version. However, can anybody else with 101 version try it (as they have nothing to lose) and check this out?

Hmm i could not finnish my last post so here i will continue.
The second leg was success! I do not know why the hack worked for me and not others but my recorder is evidence that this hack does work.
My quality problems in the first place were also being exagerated by one certain Video machine that what i thought were macro problems were in fact due to the VHS machine itself.
However with out doubt there was some Gain problems which were still getting through which were. Jagged edges,Colour to Black & White, Colour which would grow stronger. Flicker or picture flashing which appeared to be timed pulses. The strange part about it was that the DVD recorder still allowed me to record these films obviously because i had the Dimax in line so most of the Macro signal was not being picked up enough to stop recording and message displaying Protected Content. I just do not know what i could have done so different to any one else who has hacked the original firmware downloaded from Lite-On because my machine now not only has 3 hr recording ,Region Free,it has Macrovision turned off. The region hack is not a hard one to do anyway if you know where to find the region coding in Set up as this was already set to open region when i first tried to get macrovision off my system and playing about with the controls.
I have two unique Video Recordings which are a real pain to record as the Macro with in them is not easy to get over. However when i restored the DVD Recorder and tried tone of these films again with the Dimax in line the Macro was fully gone and the picture quality was brilliant. However when i tried the other film the Macro was still there and it was terrible. These films have been tried since on the system now and they both record perfectly! I have tried about 30 different films all have recorded perfectly so the results are that Macrovision is definitely disabled. As for bevills1 suggesting this hack does not work i already knew of this site but he had advised others who read his posts to go there which i did and seeing that the Hack or A Hack worked for him and his machine was Macro free i was determined to make mine Macro Free. I am not new to the Macro problems as i had this years ago when using two VHS Players together of which then i had a small black box which had no problems removing the macro. It was not until the later versions of VHS player with scart conncections were realeased that i encountered the problem. I did have two recorders which had RCA connections and even a tape with macro on it the Macro was not recognised as there was nothing in these machines which would detect the Macro signal. Unfortunately one machine broke down and i had no choice but to buy a new VHS player but could not find one with RCA In as Well as Out. Only Scart Connection. This is where my problems began until i was given a small black box which did the trick. It was a home made kit but did the trick. All recordings were for my benefit only not for supply or lending just back up copies in case my favourite films were ever damaged.

I am conducting tests on more films and running them at longer lengths to make sure that all Macro is definitely removed. I have started another recording now which had Macro on it which both the Dimax and the ICOS failed to get over i will post my results here. My reasons for doing so is that both Oilman and bevills1 seem to have doubts that this hack works. By all means everyone else can try these hacks to see if they work for them too as i would be interested to read their posts. I will let you know how i get on once i have tested further. However 30 tapes tested approx 20minutes on each cannot be bad and a good estimation that Macro has been switched off.WATCH THIS SPACE

Ok i have some updates The Lite On 5005 does not need any video stabiliser connected between it and the VCR while recording. I can record more or less any film which has macrovision contained within it without the usual picture faults which you get with AGC. If you were to connect any unit which has not been modified or does not have a video stabiliser in line and the content you are recording is protected you will either get Protected Content or adverse picture problems. Since this unit was updated with the Firmware mentioned the Lite On has been able to record any film without a device in line. I found one film out of 40 approx of which the recording was halted and Protected Content was displayed. But i was able to resume recording of the same film after which 15 minutes later it stopped again. Now, This unit is working much better than it was before and i can now use a video stabiliser to correct this fault 1 out of 40 films! all of which have macro contained within them. The quality of the recording is much more enhanced and the sound is in quality stereo. I have found none of the picture faults i have had even without the stabiliser in line.
So far as i am concerned this has a benefit to me in that the Firmware has definitely done something where the Macrovision is concerned and also has given me a 3hr recording window. So you could say that the Firmware update was a success considering 40 films at 15 minute intervals were recorded with no problems what so ever and only one fault found on one. This one film the Video stabiliser took care of that one.
The quality is 100 per cent then when i first started out and i am glad i took the chance ion the firmware download.

This Firmware download has also taken care of the Echo problem on the RF Out to this unit. There may have been a fault with my Lite On 5005 but this now has been corrected. :clap: :bow:

Oilman, my failed hack referred to in reply #8 above was with firmware version 0102-1840-0101-xxxx from LiteOn, and I had to use 0102-1840-009X-xxxx to 098 update from link in reply #11 above to successfully downgrade preceeding my successful hack. This remains very puzzling if room237 got the hack to work on his 101 version, and it sure would be useful to know how it was achieved.

Room237, what firmware version does your serial number now indicate? It just ocurred to me perhaps you unwittingly downgraded to 098 just as I did but without realizing it which would explain Macrovision being removed.

Sorry i tried to reply earlier but something went wrong with connection :a
The SN number is SN:0102.3243.0101-G2BD(000-010D) I also spent a good few hours last night running through more video tapes with Macro on them. So the number stands at 80 films tested over 20 mins per film. so that is 79 films one failure. As stated even though the VCR and the DVD Recorder are connected in line there are none of the usual picture faults you would get if Macrovision was detected. Also as stated the only fault was the displayed Protected content without none of the disturbing picture faults. However this Video was soon sorted with the Dimax Red Pro and this one film is the first time i had to connect the red pro to try it out.
Obviously i would like to know what has been changed here? But the Lite-On is virtually Macro free, I say virtually as it failed on one film.
All other stated extras are in there to 3hr record, Region Free, Macrovision Free.
But it does prove that the hacks found at Ilo hack do in fact work, Have they worked for anybody else i cannot be the only one. obviously i have bevills1 to thank concerning the file on my display that i was loading in the wrong data and that is why the DVD just sat there doing nothing. Any questions please do!