Lite on lvw-5005 locks up

hi all
I’m having a problem backing up movies. I’m using a Sony camcorder through the av1 input I’ll be recording and the lvw-5005 locks up it flashes stopped in the middle of a recording. camcorder is still playing. and I lose control of the lvw-5005 I push the buttons and nothing happens I have to keep pushing the stop button and finely it shuts off when I turn it back on the discs come up as failed. I downloaded the latest system update and firmware update and it did not help. not sure yet if it locks up recording from TV I only recorded one 30 min. long show and it worked ok record time was over 45 min through av1 input before it locked up.
I tried with verbatim 8 x DVD-R and hp DVD+R 3 of each no luck :a

This is pretty funny.

Are you saying you have a movie captured on a Sony camcorder (did you do this in a movie theater?) ? If that is the case, there shouldn’t be any Macrovision on the signal coming from the camcorder and your problem is probably the media… try DVD+RW, you can always recover from any mistakes.

If the camcorder tape was captured by line inputs into the camcorder, it also should not contain Macrovision because Sony camcorder generally has Macrovision protection as well and would not have copied the signal, although there are always different sensitivity of different equipment to the Macrovision signal. In that case, you may want to try the LiteON firmware update that removes the Macrovision detection. You can’t miss the postings, they are everywhere:

SMART hack programme v1.3b (

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I had the same problem amongst others. It hapened with several different types of disks. I noticed some improvement by moving the recorder out of my media center onto a small table to provide more cooling to the unit. It didn’t correct all the problems. I just sent mine back to LiteOn to be serviced. What a shame, $15.00 to ship. They told me that, that plus the other problems I had where not correctable with firmware updates. I like the unit very much when it works. As is, it’s a piece of crap. Quality control should also involve engineering. Somewhere, somebody got pressured to get the product on the market and be damned the consumer. After reading this forum and seeing all the problems we all have, there should be consensus amongst us that we bought a lemon. My only concern is how long do we play along with this situation till Lite On corrects these problems. My warrenty expires soon. What happens then?

Mitch L. Thom.; Just to share some of my success with the same problem you seem to be having. I have the LVW 5005a Sept. 04 Build date. Out of the box, it came with the following: 0104-1840-0090-G2B9 (103-010D). I then upgraded from the LiteOn site with: 0104-1840-0098-G2BD (103-010D). I then applied the ILO/Liteon Version 1.3b software hack that is on this forum to get Macrovision free. My machine came with the LP 3 Hour record mode. I was having problems recording from my Camcorder with the Front RCA inputs. It would just stop recording, and of course 80% of the time, I would end up with a coaster. The very first upgrade to the 1098 software and Drive upgrade for my units Serial number cured this problem. I have had intermittent problems with the jitter some have posted about, but I may have that cured also. I have not seen it at all yet today. Need to do some more testing to pin down just what I am doing with some of the menu settings to correct this. I also seem to have taken care of the Green problem that was taking place. Did this by fooling with the TV settings. Picture, Color, Tint, Brightness, Sharpness and Color Temp. on my Tv anyway.
Regards; Pop’s

tried dvd+rw same problem. tried it from the rear av input it locks up also. i talked to tec support they said they had no complaints of this type of problem i find that hard to believe he said he had one complaint of the green color I also find that hard to believe he told that person to return it for another unit and i should take mine back for another one. i think ill try a different brand any suggestions ???

After further testing of my LVW 5005a U.S. built Sept. 04, nothing I have done will correct the jumpy/jitter in the picture or the Green cast in dark scenes. I removed the LiteOn from my system and everything is perfect. I have requested an RMA from LiteOn and hope to hear back from them soon. I my opinion, these units have some very serious bugs that the manufacterer needs to address. Overall, I still do like the features and ease of use on this machine. Hope they can get it together.
Regards; Pop’s

I Don’t Think There Is Any Cure For Theese Problem With The Lvw-5005 They Are A Comin Problem With This Modle. I Talked To Tech Support A Few Times. They Said Return It To The Store And Get Another One, It May Have The Same Problems Or Get An Rma And Sent It In For Repairs. They Will Either Fix It Or Send Me One That Was Tested And Working. It Would Take About 7 To 10 Days After They Recive It. I Shiped It Yesterday Cross Country They Should Recive It 2/4/05. Under Warrenty And I Had To Pay $18.00 Shipping??? Good Warrenty. I Returned Epson And Lexmark Printers Under Warrenty And They Next Day Ship A New One Free Of Charge. I Feel This Should Be The Same Way With All Warrentys. I’ll Lets You’s Know How It Works When I Get It Back

It is the third unit I get. After I noticed the green/purple tint problem on my first unit (sept. 2004 build), I called LiteOn customer service to inquire if this was a generalized problem, as I read on the forums. They said no and most likely I had a “lemon”. So I got another unit (oct. 2004 build) that turned out to have the same problem, even worse. It also exhibited jitter/jerky picture. In a last effort, I got a third unit. Figure what… same problems!

Despite its very nice and unique features, I strongly think this LiteOn product lacks quality. Now it seems it will cost me ~18$ shipping to send it RMA. We definitely should get paid to act as Beta tester for them.

An unhappy LVW-5005 owner…

There in NO SUCH THING* as a “Happy LVW-5005” owner.

I had purchaed a new LiteOn 5005A and right out of the box it would not work with the +RW DVD that came with it. It would record to it but not play back. I took it to Kmart and they replaced it the next day. Since then I used it until I wore out the ddw-451s drive that was in it recording and playing so much and replaced it with a LiteOn 832S burner. I had not really noticed the green tint issue, since the system and firmware update that got me to 0102-1840-0098-g2bd (the 832s is VSOG) I continue to use this machine and am still happy with it. And no, I do not have stock in LiteOn :slight_smile:

Despite its very nice and unique features, I strongly think this LiteOn product lacks quality. Now it seems it will cost me ~18$ shipping to send it RMA

After 5 RMAs my 5005 has a new SOHW 1693s drive all problems are gone, I love the way it works and the hacked features.