Lite-On LVW-5002


My gran just bought one of these and i’m trying to figure it out. I have brought it home to try and get it to work with freeview, I have got it working through the “Scart Source” with a RF going into freeview, from freeview to DVD then one to TV, is this correct? If so can I record using a timer and videoplus+ this way? Also is there a way of playing AVI files without having to convert?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Granty578,

A typical setup is

RF: ariel to freeview rf in, freeview rf out to dvd rf in, dvd rf out to tv

Scart: freeview scart out to dvd scart in, dvd scart out to tv scart in

Viewing and recording by the scart connections are best as you get a better picture and can record in stereo. My 5002 only has a mono tuner. I believe later models may have a stereo tuner but I cannot be certain.

You can certainly timer record using a freeview box via the scart socket. Not so sure about videoplus as that is orientated towards analogue channels (i.e. via the RF tuner rather than external sources). However, it is very easy to set up the timer.

AVI files cannot be played on the 5002 without conversion.

You will need to set the freeview timer as well setting the timer events on the Liteon so that they coincide if you are planning to record different channels.

If you are only recording the same channel then just set the freeview box to that and then just get the Liteon to record at the times you want.