Lite-On LVW-1105HC compatibility to to LG GDR8163B?


I have put in my LG GDR8163B PC DVD drive an Platinum (Bestmedia) DVD-RW and my drive could read it.

But I don´t know the record source from the DVD-RW.

I was even able to edit the DVD-RW with this software:

TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress

the DVD-RW.

I like to cut the commercial spots from an DVD-RW, that I recorded in this DVD Recorder:

Lite-On LVW-1105HC

My question is:

Can my LG GDR8163B PC DVD drive read Platinum (Bestmedia) DVD-RW, that where recorded in this DVD recorder?:

Lite-On LVW-1105HC

Friendly Greetings from

Moe Perry

I am planing tu buy my first DVD Recorder, and need commends or meanings about these:

Sony GX220
Lite-On LVW-1105HC

Does anyone know of the movie quality from the Sony GX220 is better then the movie quality from the Lite-On LVW-1105HC?

I mean is the result from a recording from TV in an Sony GX220, better then in a Lite-On LVW-1105HC?

Can anoyone write which DVD-RW DVDs are compatible when I record a film from TV on a Lite-On LVW-1105HC.

The DVD then also should be compatible for my LG GDR8163B PC DVD drive , so that my drive can read them, to edit (cut commercial spots out movies)

I also have this drive in my PC:


Going by the specification of your LG and BenQ drives, both are capable of reading all discs that the Lite-On LVW-1105HC is capable of recording to. This includes DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW media. Your TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress software is capable of importing recorded content from recorded DVDs and will let you edit out commercials. Just note that your LG drive cannot write to DVDs, however you will be able to use your BenQ DVD writer to write the edited recordings back to DVD.

I have tested 6 different brands of DVD-RW media in my Lite-On LVW-1105HC+ (similar to the model you mention other than the + model is European) and all 6 brands played in all PC drives I have, including DVD-ROM and DVD-writer drives, including a picky LG Hitachi drive.

Unfortunately, I have not used a Sony DVD recorder, so I’m unable to compare its picture quality against that of the Lite-On models. Unfortunately, I can confirm that the picture quality of the LVW-1105HC+ recordings is not as good as its bigger brothers such as the LVW-5045, but definitely much better than what a VCR is capable of recording. :slight_smile: