Lite On LVC 9016G Problem

Hi I bought a real lite on machine back in April-May 06 which was a DVD Recorder, player and VCR all in one. I converted my tapes to DVDs and at some points went wild. I know its on it’s last leg but I was wondering where they sell these anymore? I got first one from QVC. Also I want to see if I can burn maybe 5 more discs before trashing it.

I originally used memorex discs and it worked. Then it kept saying error and couldn’t read blank discs.

I did a firmware update and it fixed it. Then the memorex version didn’t work anymore.

So then I bought some sony dvds about 2 months ago. It worked fine but now its not reading a whole bunch of blank discs again.

I always buy DVD + R.

Is there something I can do to get it to read blank discs. This is not a computer thing, its the real machine. I only want to convert like 5 more tapes to DVD and lite on is so easy to use. So if anyone can help me let me know.

And if it is broken tell me what stores I can buy a new one or what brand to buy that has vcr/dvd all in one and is easy to use.