Lite-On LVC-9006 Hackable?


Does anyone know if the Lite-On LVC-9006 is hackable to remove Macrovision? I tried using ILO Hacker but it didn’t work. I also tried manually changing the Hex code, but that was a no go too…which brought me to learn that the lvc9006 has a good recovery if you botch the firmware, as long as you have a working copy of the firmware on CD handy :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with this unit at all yet.

that’s a dvd recorder/VCR combo. take a look here. i planned on buying it, but then i wasn’t sure how good the VCR part was. i opted therefore for the LVW-5005 and to use it in combo with my good old sony VCR SLV-N99. talking about fumbling with different remote controls LOL.


@Capt_KA - I meant as far as being hackable - sklapper’s post here was the first I seen about IloHacker and the manual hacks not working or anyone attempting to hack it at all.

:bigsmile: About all the remotes I know. I bought a learning remote and it would not learn the 5005 signals.

The firmware for the LVC-9006 contains 3 files, two of which contain the Macrovision hex code (55 53 00 00 …). I tried combinations of uploading both files and just one file, but no luck. The code did change it to region free, but the 9006 seemed to ignore the Macrovision hack.
The Macrovision string is spanned between two different address lines (0x001DE7B6 to C1), but I don’t know if that matters. ILOHacker seemed to recognize this and changed 0x001DE7C1 from 00 to 01.

As far as VHS playback, that’s a very good point made by Capt_KA. This is actually the second 9006 I’m trying. The VHS playback of the first unit (manufactured 12/04) was not good and I thought it was a manufacturing defect, because, according to Lite-On tech support, playback is supposed to be very clear. I replaced it with another 9006 (manufactured 1/05), and it’s not “jumpy” like the other, but the color quality is still not good on all my tapes. I tested with some store-bought tapes that were only three years old. Shawshank Redemption was my best example. During the scene where Tim Robbins first arrived at the prison, Morgan Freeman’s face appeared gray with spots of red on it. I tried it in two other VCR’s here, and the color was much richer. It’s almost as if I were seeing a digitized image that wasn’t converted very well. Some tapes with not as rich of an image as Shawshank Redemption seemed to playback better, but still not quite as “smooth” as my other VHS players. I don’t know if this is something the firmware can change. It’s too bad because this recorder has everything I would want wrapped into one, except for the quality of the VHS player.

@sklapper - Thanks for the info! Maybe Mr Wizard can come to the rescue for the 9006 owners and figure out how to do it…

About vcr/dvd recorder combos or any other device combo, I usually stay away from them because if one part goes (or does not work well) ya hafta get it fixed or replaced if you want to use that part. With repair costs with a vcr for example it is probably cheaper to buy a new one if it is not stillunder warranty. And then when you send it in for warranty you are not able to use both devices. Just my opinion.

Gastrof high fives with jm1647.

I copied the s/n from my sister’s lvc 9006 and downloaded the current (july) update. Applied ILO Hacker, and it did find the macrovision code, which it changed, writing out the hacked file. I’ve done it successfully on a 5005. (the 9006 already has a 3-hour mode). Haven’t been back to her house, so can’t verify it actually does work. I already have a VCR and a Philips 642 DVD DivX Player, (in addition to Satellite and TV), makes for way too many remotes. If I could find one locally, I’d buy it, but here in the boonies all we have is a WM and they don’t sell lite-on set-tops. has them both on sale this week, $200 for the 9006 and 105 for the 5005 (with their instant 10% off), but again, would want local to avoid RMAs and mailing hassles.
Mr Wiz would probably know, but I’m sure he’s inundated with emails as it is.