Lite-On LVC 9006 Combo

Hi… my first post.

Two questions:

Firstly, I’m trying to get my Toshiba HDTV to recognize the LVC-9006 and to do this the TV needs a “CONTROL CODE” … What is the control code for the Combo?

Secondly, the HD and digital channels I get come through a Motorola DTC6200 HD Cable Receiver. I can record all the analog channels perfectly, but can’t get the audio component of the digital chanels. I’ve had my hi-tech savy son look at it and he says the audio signal isn’t passing through the S-Video cable… he’s checked and it’s not a defective cable. He’s tried all the combinations for audio setup too and nothing works.

Any ideas how to get the audio for digital channels to work?


Audio isn’t supposed to pass through S-Video cable, but connecting to appropriate audio component inputs on the recorder and outputs from receiver should get the audio.