Lite-on LTR-52327S w/clonecd vs safedisc2.8+



Has anyone tried this yet to see if the new chipset has the same problem which many users experience with safedisc 2.8 and after using CloneCD. The drive is finally out, I saw one on newegg.


Just that I am making a new PC and wanted to know if its worth buying and passimg my other Lite-on writer down to my sister.


Wow, guess nobody bought it yet…


would probably be better to ask in the liteon forum :wink:


Yes, but my issue is targeted at how well it can perform at new SD protections. I guess what I should have asked is if SD targets the chipset of the 52x24 or if its a bug in CCD that will carry over? I read in another thread, that the SD protection 2.8 and 2.9 target the lite-on chipset but that this new 52x32 will have a diff chipset. If its CCD however, I guess then it doesnt matter what drive you have, neither will work correctly. I don’t ever use cdrw, so rewrite is an unnecessary option for me, and not worth the money to put into a very slightly improved spec on the drive.

If anyone here knows, please let me know.



i love my 52246S. It will copy anything from SD2.8 to SecuRom 4
i know wrong room but if ya cant copy SD2 with cloncd for some wierd ass reason the try alcohol, it has all the presets and works everytime but clone is nicer…


Originally posted by Demoking
i love my 52246S. It will copy anything from SD2.8 to SecuRom 4
i know wrong room but if ya cant copy SD2 with cloncd for some wierd ass reason the try alcohol, it has all the presets and works everytime but clone is nicer…

im trying to copy civilizatio 3, which i believe is safedisc 2.8, i have clonecd and a liteon 52x24x52x also, what settings did you use for copying safedisc 2.8?

Im sorry if im reviving an old post, i was using the search and this was what i was looking for



dam i change software alot hehehe…
Ummm use clone and download the profiles for it from either this site or clones site, cant remember to be honest but the profiles have the settings for each type of cd protection…


thanks for the reply, ive seen a bunch of profiles in one post, but the only safedisc ones were for from 1 to 2.5 , not 2.8, will a 2.5 profile work? do i need aws enabled or not?


yeah i think the 2.5 profile works as long as u have a burner that can do it, there are 4 different profiles:
Safedisk 1
" " 2+ aws
" " 2+ ews
" " 2+

I think the aws works, they r for different types of burners, i use aws…


Liteon 52327s can kill safedisk 2.80 and 2.90 without problems with clonecd 4202 (without AWS) using a good cd-rom that can read well pregaps.
For example an excellent ultraplex 40x USCSI or a plex premium


yeah i cant remember which profile i use… i dont think i need the aws one


does the copy just play in dvd/cd readers, or does it play in burners also?


my copies play in n e thing


The backups works in cd/dvd-rom; but If you want to play on cd-r/rw or dvdr recorders you need to hide atip with Alcohol 120% or Gamejack.


Originally posted by Demoking
my copies play in n e thing

are you using something to hide the atip (ie: hide cdr in ccd) ??


I guess the questions about atip ís still a daily topic.
If you want to play a backup on a burner you’ve got to hide the atip… always.

If you can make a backup that will work on a burner without hiding atip and the game has sd2.51+ as its protection, than you have a patched disc and these are illegal.
Inside the protection is something like an atip check. If you are using cd-r or cd-rw, than the writer can read the atip. The atip contains things like the brand and the maximum speed at which this disc can be used to write at. If there is such an atip on a disc, this disc has to be a cd-r or cd-rw, thus not an original copy of a game. This is to be bypassed by hiding the atip. Some report to have trouble making backups when this is turned on (because the writer can’t determine what brand and such)

Most of the time securom 4.8+ copies play from burners without the need of any atip hiding. This is because copies without patching don’t work. (guess these are always illegal)

The patching in the last protection is done by using a bwa file or an mds file, which contain information about the sector density of the disc. The density of the backups is emulated.

As we all know there is no possible way to make 1to1 backup from sd2.51+ or securom4.8+ games, so something has to be emulated to get a backup to work. In case of securom4.8+ the backups are more cripled than the sd2.51+ backups are.

As of sd2.8+ that’s a whole different story.


i have made copies of sd2.51 games and the source was 100% authentic, and i dont have to hide cdr when i run it in my burner, and no, i didnt use any cracking

is it ok to talk about cracking sd2.8 here because i do own the software and all i want to do is back it up?


I don’t know how you manage to do that because you can’t read damaged sectors. How will you be able to copy them if you can’t read them. How did you test that the two are totaly authentic?
Have you tried to play the backup in a cd-burner without having clonecd or alcohol or blindwrite and such installed?

About the cracking… it’s illegal so I guess not.


i purchased a game which was is protected by safedisc 2.5 as per clonyxxl, i used the settings from clonyxxl (this was before they were removed for legal reasons) to burn the cd using my liteon52x24x52x , the copy will work in a dvd reader, cd reader, and a cd burner

from what i understand is safedisc 2.8 is very similiar to 2.5, what i dont understand is why i cant copy the 2.8 and have it run in a burner, while my 2.5 copy runs in the burner


Are we talking about sd2.5 or sd2.51+?
as in sd2.5 the atip check is not active.
By the way, the sd2.8 has something to do with the subchannel of the disc. I don’t really know how it works, but with clonecd some have luck to be able to make a backup with it and some don’t. It seems to help that someone with a good subs-reader has more chance.