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I just posted the article Lite-On LTR-52246S (52/24/52) review @ has wrapped up their review of the Lite-On LTR-52246S CD-RW recorder. As the model number suggests, this latest Lite-On recorder supports read and write speeds of up to 52x while…

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I think my current burner (Plex 124Tsi) is dying and so I need a new burner. I want one that is fast obviously but this isn’t the main thing - I want one that can handle copying most games and can read and write almost all formats - whats the best burner to get at the moment? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Nila, The new burner that you’ll probably want to get is Lite-on’s latest 52x burner as lite-on burners are pretty good, popular etc so if you have any troubles with it theres alot of people you can ask about them. Plus too most brands like sony, tdk, aopen, LG etc are the ones that i know of are drives based on liteons (just liteons rebadged saying that they are sony drives etc) so you might as well just go for the liteon as it is fully compatible with easy cd creator, nero, blindwrite, clonecd etc :slight_smile:

@Nila: If you have a good reader (for SecuROM 4.7), then the LiteOn drive is the right one for you @Daniel: LG make their own drives Sony sell LiteOn, among others AOpen use Ricoh technology; their drives are crappy, esp. concerning media compatibility

Umm im not starting anything but when i emailed those companies asking did they make their own drives they told me their drives are based on liteons so why would they lie to me… :7

I own 2 of this drive. :slight_smile: Burning like crazy, since it’s so fast!

Just got it today Burns DAMN quick - 2:30 for a full cd. A bit noisy though at full 52x so I drop it to around 40 or 32 and it’s nicely quiet again. Seems to work a gem :slight_smile:

I am pleased with mine after a few teething probs with the Asus A7V333 motherboard with the the raid bios modded for IDE drives only. The promise controller couldn’t handle cdroms on it so I was getting buffer underruns every second :frowning: Soon sorted ,popped 2 of me IDE drives onto the promise controller and the liteon 52x and Pioneer A05 live happily and all my probs have gone away :4 The liteon drive stays red for burn on the fly or from an image :g Best purchase ever! As for the rattle, just imagine the rpm that drive is spinning at too burn x52? Even more think of the load my engine is under on my Nissan 200SX 16V TurboCharged running @ 7000rpm?(mind you my engine will outlive my car)and I think its me that rattles at that rpm :g Greets from The Hospital free Diplomat :slight_smile: Hence I was all quiet :8 Bought a new Western Digital UDMA 100(120gig) got 6gig left :frowning: filled the damn thing just like that, running 120, 40 and 2x30 gig = 220gig, 13 years ago not even a pipedream lol edited by me for the typos, kinda makes a bit more sense :slight_smile:

I sympathise. I have: 2x80, 1x70, 1x40 and they’re all more or less full with just a few gigs free on random parts. The 2x80 however are set up in a RAID 1 with all my personal work and info on it to make sure I dont loose anything like I did in the summer with a hard drive failure. I’m gonna get a new 120Gb drive hopefully next week for my birthday. I know already that it’s going to disappear almost instantly. I think I’m going to have to take the 40Gig out as my power unit cant handle much more. :frowning:

I am running a 550 watt PSU, auto thermostat control the lot,(11 connectors and thermal fuse protection from spikes, 2 ballbearing fans, 1 x 92mm and the other being 80mm) cost little over £100 2 years warranty, made by Enermax As the olde saying goes you get what you pay for :d Greetz The Diplomat :8 Nice Box, and booklet. From I recall