Lite-On LTR-48247S

Hi to all.

Is it possible to burn a dvd with a Lite-On LTR-48247S?..
(My friend has that drive, and i was just wondering, because my drive doesn’t burn them, i would need to buy a DVD burner.)

Short answer: nope, it’s a CD burner. :slight_smile:

We can advise you if you or your friend plan to buy a DVD burner, though.

Ok. How would you go about doing that?

Depends. What do you want from a DVD burner - quality scanning, speed, good burn quality, good with CDs as well, LightScribe? Any particular brand pereference?

Umm… Well atm, i dont really care about the speed, but good burn quality is a big factor…good with cd’s dont matter, i got a combo drive…hmmm… i want it capable of making back-ups… and i’m quite new to this dvd-burning thing, but i have a dvd converting software, ConvertXToDvd… only thing i need now is a dvd burner.

Not too high in price, if possible <$50

An LG model would be my recommendation, of course others may chime in with different opinions :slight_smile:


Not Sure… dont even know what they are, as you can tell, i’m not very computer literate…

What drives do you have at the moment?

Sorry for the late reply, got occupied with something else.

Maxtor 2F040L0

No problem :slight_smile:

You’ll be looking for an IDE drive I’m thinking, given that your HDD and combo drive are both IDE.

The LG H42N was a drive I was eyeing up myself before we got an H62N (SATA). :slight_smile:

Umm… does it say what it is on the box, when your about to purchase it in store?

If you go for the retail package, which includes software and mounting screws (and maybe extra faceplates), yes it does.

Here’s a link to the CDF review of the drive, you might want to give it a read :slight_smile:

Sounds good, might just get it, thanks for all your help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: