Lite-on LTR 48246s help?

My burnewr is frankly a piece of crap.
It only recognises white tops and sometimes it 5 mins to realise their is a disc in the drive.

I have downloaded the latest flash for the firmware but it wont go.

I once had this problem flashing a lite on dvd rw.
The problem was the aspi layers.

Some helpfull guy here posted a link that took me to a small proggy that killed of all the layers letting the flash utlitliy from lite on rewrite the frimware.

liteon cd rw 48x24x48 LTR 48246s

Can anyone help me ?
ta much.

you can flash your drive with the ltr-52246s firmware! you have to flashfix it before you can upgrade.

get the firmware HERE

and Flashfix

and the ASPI drivers HERE

I hope someone can help me. I guess I’m an idiot compared to some of you. I made a cd, and foolishly forgot to close the cd tray. When I sat back down, my knee bumped the tray and now its off track and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. It is a Lite-on LTR 48246s. Now I have several questions:

  1. Can I fix it myself with a little guidance?
  2. If I buy a new one, does it have to be the same model? Because I have been all over the internet and can’t seem to find the same model except through the computer company (and they want an arm and a leg).

Someone please help me…i’m desperate.

Thanks ahead of time