Lite-on ltr-48246s Help Please



I Have a Lite-on ltr-48246s (really it was a Iomega 48x24x48x usb Drive but i pulled it out on it says this on the sicker on the drive that its a lite-on ltr-48246s). But anyways I Left the firware for my sony 800a drive on my desktop and my son got on my pc and clicked a couple of things and flashed my lite-on drive wothe the sony 800a firware now when i boot my pc the drives lite just stays on is there any way possable i can fix this please dont have much money right now to go by a other one


why do you need a cd-writer if you have a dvd-writer?

you need this to recover the drive:

  1. mtkflash:
  2. .bin firmware:

  • to do realistic quality scans with KProbe
  • better burn quality (in my experiece- LTR48246S SS0B and SOHW1213@1653S CS0P)
  • my DVD-burner limits all CDs to 32x PCAV, regardless of the setting. This is for good media (MCC, TY).