Lite-On LTR-48246S can only rip at 16x

just got this drive last week. when tried to rip audio CDs (with MusicMatch) the maximum speed was 16x. i tried with AudioCentral (comes with the Easy CD Creator), same thing happened. i checked the DMA settings, and it’s enabled. is there any other settings that i should’ve checked, in order to get the 48x ripping capabilities as stated in drive specs??? the drive doesn’t have any problem burning…it even can reach 49x. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

If you are ripping at 16X you are breaking the sound barrier. That is as fast as it will ever get. No one rips at 48X. No one.

The LTR-48246S is capable of ripping audio at 48x CAV. Nero, CDex, Exact Audio Copy and Feurio, among other software, can all be used to rip audio at 48x with this drive. Of course, you can expect slower extraction rates when using enhanced confidence extraction modes such as EAC’s Secure mode.

Whether or not the additional confidence instilled by extracting with a properly configured secure mode is worth the overall slower extraction speed is a question you must answer for yourself. Starting with a clean, scratch-free disc, I can extract the same binary data using EAC’s Burst mode on an LTR-48246S, Secure mode on an LTR-48246S, and Secure mode on an XJ-HD166S (neglecting offsets).

Read the help files and use the search function on this site and others to learn more.